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You’ll never guess which former Bears player is a reality TV star!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably haven't heard about Jay Cutler’s TV exploits. Hint: He is as amazing as you would guess!

Jay Cutler is the greatest reality TV star the world has ever known!

In case you haven’t heard, former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is the star of his own reality show. Well, technically it’s his wife’s show, but for the sake of WCG, I am choosing to only care about the Cutler part.

Very Cavallari debuted on Sunday, July 8th on the E! network, and since it was pretty obvious who the star of the show was (hint: it was Jay Cutler), I have decided that we need to have a weekly recap of the show’s happenings.

It was very kind of the network to give us Bears fans something to keep us entertained during the darkest portion of the off-season.

There are other places doing some sort of recap of the show, but I feel that they are failing to capture just how funny Cutler really is. If you buy into any part of the “don’t care” narrative of him, even if you simply understand that it had nothing to do with competitiveness, then you understand why this is so great. The world was already given a fictional hero who was in the same mold as Cutler, so if you are unfamiliar with the brilliance that is Ron Swanson, then I implore you to binge heavily on this mustachioed man.

If there was ever a character that has been created which embodies the attitude of Jay Christopher Cutler, it is Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. If one were to imagine how Cutler goes about his daily routine, you needn’t look any further than to study this show. At last, we get to see “Smokin’” Jay in his natural environment.

Just like Ron Swanson, Cutler is a fan of game meat. Just watch him toss down this giant cooler filled with elk meat. That’s some good eatin’ right there!

Beyond his can’t-do exterior, you see the softer side of Jay. I mean look at how he feeds his family healthy, lean meats, and plans to pick up his sons from school. What a guy! But don’t let that soft heart fool you. No, he plans to beat all those minivan-toting soccer moms to school, so he can be first in line. That’s the competitiveness that allowed him to make plays like this:

In case it wasn’t apparent during his many post-game press conferences, Jay is a sharp-dressed man. It was revealed in episode 1 that he picks out 98% of Kristin Cavallari’s clothes. That’s simply incredible! What a dream boat!!

Ah, but it just wouldn’t be Cutler without the poop-eating grin that often graces his smug-mug. This exchange with one of Kristin’s friends about dating is why he is simply the best hubby ever!

In total, Jay Cutler was on the screen for roughly 25% of the 1st episode. If that trend continues, I think this show has a chance to be one of the all-time greats in the reality TV realm. The folks over at Awful Announcing did a little editing of several clips, so you can see just how much disdain that Cutler has for the average person. It really is remarkable!

Now that I know that this show is going to be a hit, I’m going to try and bring you more Jay Cutler clips each week. This is simply too good not to keep track of, because for many of us, this is the first time that a reality show has given us a reason to tune in. Perhaps this is a gateway for networks to expand to new audiences.

Either way, watching Jay Cutler be Jay Cutler in his everyday life is about as much viewing pleasure as I am going to get from the E! network. I am going to savor every second and I hope you will too!