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Preseason Week 2 Postgame: Chicago Bears ruthlessly devour reeling Broncos in 24-23 humiliation

The Bears first-team finally got a reasonable portion of game time, with mixed results!

Chicago Bears v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

After reports from joint practices today, I was hoping to see the Bears offense would come out pouncing. My fantasy wasn’t quite realized, but the Bears moved the ball against what is still a good defense, and we got to see a little more of the potential we all feel this unit has under Matt Nagy’s guidance. Last week, too many people mocked me for caring about the preseason when I bared my wounded soul by showing my distress at the Bears second loss, but this week I can’t help sharing my joy. The Bears are winners! They win. They beat the silly horses dead all week in practice and then they beat the dead horse tonight on two-market local television. Soak it in, Chicago. This is what glory feels like.

Full box score here.

Trubisky didn’t disappoint me this week! #BiscuitSZN?

Mitch Trubisky moved the ball well under pressure and showed quick decision-making, which was often also good decision-making. His best throws were beautifully placed and his worst were rushed passes or throw-aways. Yeah, he threw an interception, which may or may not have been partly or mostly Tarik Cohen’s fault, but I’m definitely more encouraged by the positive displays of accuracy and poise than I am discouraged by one bad play.

My biggest concern with the Beloved’s franchise star remains his facial hair judgment. Trubisky’s beard looks fine when his helmet is off, but when the helmet is on, all that’s visible is an anemic mustache that resembles a hormone-starved teenage trying to force a manly ‘stache against his mother’s sound advice.

1st-team offensive line struggled

Let’s be honest, it was a little rude for the Broncos to run all of those stunts and blitzes in the pre-season. Clearly they were bitter about getting chomped up by the Bears offense all week in practice. Even so, the Bears backfield was looking way too orange considering this isn’t alternate jersey week. In the first couple drives, Biscuit was pressured on almost every passing down and even Jordan Howard had trouble finding a gap to romp through.

Trey Burton and Adam Shaheen putting the “tight” in Tight End

90s slang never dies. And watching a tight spiral blaze through tight coverage into the paws of a Bears tight end will never get old. Shaheen had only one catch before going down with an ankle boo boo, but Burton continued carrying the weight for the position group, racking up over 10 fantasy points in a single quarter. Tight.

Good challenge by Nagy

It’s a nice look on a Bears coach.

Kevin White caught some footballs with his hands

And he danced for a little YAC. I can’t help rooting this guy. Does this count as something to build on? I’m going to count it as something to build on.

Bears will be Bears

And flags are gonna fly. The sooner you come to accept there will be at least 5 Bears penalties a game, the better you’ll sleep this fall.

Roy Robertson-Harris’ swat-sack on Case Keenum was a beautiful thing

And it was nice to see the up-and-comer making plays against a first-team offensive line—even if it’s one of the worst in the league. The display of ursine dominance he put on the rando Broncos guard was of course impressive, but the best part was reaching back with one arm to swat the little QB down. Hahahahahahaha.

Otherwise, the Bears pass rush was wildly underwhelming, not showing up until the third-string offense started offering freebies.

Anthony Miller showed us what everyone’s been raving about in practice

No offense to Robert’s Nokia phone, but it’s nice to see the magic caught on these fancy television cameras. If Miller isn’t an immediate regular-season contributor, it won’t be for a lack of talent. If he can master the playbook, keep the improvising to a minimum, and resist throwing punches, the future looks bright for this one.

There’s some promise in this Bears team, with Trubisky taking important strides and young player’s stepping up and showing off. These young Bears have shown they are winners. Winners win. The Bears have won. The Bears are winners. Let’s just hope this doesn’t come at the cost of Adam Shaheen’s ankle. The only potential big deal here is the potential injury to Adam Shaheen’s ankle,

Get well soon, big bear!