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Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Preview: Breakout star, bust, and more

In my latest T-Formation Conversation Bears podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes for free!), I talk with WCG’s fantasy football guru, Jeff Berckes, to get his take on the upcoming year.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

By know, all you fantasy football players should either have your drafts scheduled, or possibly even be done with them. I’m doing four leagues this year, and I’ve only completed one draft so far. My dynasty league is in the books, but I have a draft on Sunday, on Tuesday and one on September 1st.

I have to admit, I had selfish reasons when I asked my latest guest to come on my T-Formation Conversation podcast. I had to pick the brain of one the most in-touch fantasy experts around, our very own Jeff Berckes. Jeff has been WCG’s Fantasy Football go-to for four years now, and I’ll put his fantasy football knowledge up there with the big-wigs.

In this latest episode, I get Jeff’s take on how the Chicago Bears will use running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, why he is calling Allen Robinson a potential fantasy bust, what we can expect from Trey Burton, Mitchell Trubisky’s long term fantasy prospects, and much more.

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