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Top 100 Fantasy Football List

Jeff’s top 100 fantasy football list contains five Bears for the first time in the history of fantasy football.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
How high are you willing to go to get your favorite Bear?
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Last weekend, I completed my first draft of the season. It’s always fun when your prep work finally gets put to the test in a real draft format. This league has a keeper format, so I was able to start off my team with a stacked running back room for a cheap investment of picks (Alvin Kamara, Devonta Freeman, and Derrick Henry is a comfortable place to start from). For the rest of the draft, I leaned on my ever-evolving rankings. At the risk of revealing to my rivals in the official Windy City Gridiron league that drafts this weekend, I thought I would share with you my Top 100 for your enjoyment.

My caveat - this is simply my board and it is always changing. For example, I had Nick Chubb ranked pretty high in my running backs article from a few weeks ago, but it appears he’s running behind Carlos Hyde right now. This list is, of course, “wrong” in the sense that these guys won’t finish the year in the order I list them. It is an extremely biased list based on how I’m seeing the NFL right now. You will have a different impression of the league, which is why we have a game to see who can put together the best squad. Feel free to discuss in the comments below where you have players ranked higher or lower than I do.

Here’s some questions that I have for you as we near the biggest draft weekend of the season.

  • How early are you taking a quarterback?
  • Who are you targeting early in drafts? Late?
  • Who is the one Bears player that you are willing to jump up and grab early to ensure you get him?

I took Drew Brees in the sixth round in my draft over the weekend. That’s about the earliest I’ll consider taking a quarterback, and it provided good value according to my board. I had targeted Brees’ favorite target early, Michael Thomas, and secured his services with the No. 10 overall pick (remember, it’s a keeper league with some top level guys already off the board).

In the late rounds, I grabbed Christian Kirk as I think he has the chance to be a relevant third wide receiver this season. As far as Bears go, I’m happy to report I nabbed both Trey Burton and Anthony Miller in that league. I grabbed Burton after a run on tight ends to make sure I got him and it cost me a fifth rounder, while Miller cost me a 10th. According to my own rankings, I reached for Burton and got fair value on Miller. I could ramble on about adaptive management and crafting a balanced roster but really, I have no regrets about suspending my list to make sure I get a guy I want.

Keep that in mind that any list you use is just a guideline and that it’s better to be happy at the end of your draft than it is to execute a rigid plan.

Happy drafting!

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