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How might the Bears exploit Josh Allen and the Bills?

On the latest WCG Radio, we discussed when Allen might eventually pan out, where the Bears can attack the Bills in November, and looked forward to the last weekend without pro football.

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears

Ending a playoff drought takes time, effort, and a considerable amount of luck. It’s physically taxing, and beyond emotionally overbearing. But when it finally reaches it’s merciful end, it’s the greatest feeling and reward of all.

Before last January, that was the experience and thought process for the Buffalo Bills. An organization mired in perpetual mediocrity for most of the 21st century finally broke though with a playoff berth for the first time since 1999. An event forever crystallized in time in western New York. Now, the Bills are preparing to take one step back by having patience in developing a rookie quarterback in Josh Allen, to make the future as consistently special as that distinct playoff moment.

To break down what to expect from Buffalo in the 2018 NFL season, Erik Turner of Cover 1 and The Athletic Buffalo joined me on the latest WCG Radio. We discussed when Allen could eventually thrive, how the Bills need to keep improving on paper, where the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky have an advantage over them (mostly everywhere), and looked forward to a highly anticipated Labor Day.

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On this episode of WCG Radio

Cover 1 and The Athletic Buffalo’s Erik Turner joins the show to preview the 2018 Bills.

  • Second year of the Sean McDermott era: aftermath of ending a playoff drought
  • Drafting Josh Allen: a controversial move. When could he shine?
  • What Allen has to do to have a successful rookie season. When does he start?
  • How Tremaine Edmunds projects in Buffalo’s defense
  • One underrated area people don’t talk enough about on the Bills roster (secondary for days!)
  • One area that could be the team’s Achilles Heel (the quarterback has to stay upright)
  • Staying competitive amidst the end of the Patriots run: you don’t, you wait it out
  • Free agency review (Star Lotulelei paid handsomely)
  • Draft review (Harrison Phillips’ impact)
  • Bears-Bills preview: Chicago should have a complete advantage ... on paper
  • FInding a breather in the last weekend free of pro football