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WCG Fantasy Football Tournament - Sign up starts today

In the WCG Tourney, you either win, or you, lose.

Yes, it has finally happened. The Windy City Gridiron fantasy football tourney has gone legit. Welcome to the Official WCG Fantasy Football Tournament. After multiple successful campaigns on fan posts, we have made the tourney our official league, run by contributor WhiskeyRanger.

Here’s the set up:

· There will be 5 divisions with 12 teams in each division. The divisions are named after all-time great Bears and each division is anchored by a WCG writer or WhiskeyRanger himself. This is your chance to put the beat down on Lester!

· A snake draft will be held for each division the weekend before Labor Day. Very important to be there to get the team you want!

· Each team will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, a TE, Def, and a Flex position in a scoring system that taxes turnovers higher than normal, awards bonus points at yardage milestones, and rewards 0.5 points per reception. Oh, and no kickers!

· The most dominant team in the tourney will win a one-of-a-kind designed t-shirt from WhiskeyRanger, who has mad chops as a graphic designer. The top picture in this post? Yeah, his work. Check out this video from 2017:

· The top performing teams from each league will be invited into the “Champion’s League” bracket next year, fighting it out for superior domination with potentially even greater prizes.

This league is free to join but we do have a few requests. We ask that you make sure you’re available for the draft and show up on time. Next, you’ll be expected to be an active owner, even if your team isn’t very good to keep it fair and competitive for all involved. Finally, I ask that you have fun with it and be respectful of your peers. We’ll have a once a week column on the main page to discuss fantasy football in general, and it is a great forum to host banter for the Tourney.

If you’re interested in joining, please e-mail with your user name to verify that you’re a WCG member in good standing. You’ll need a Yahoo! fantasy football account to get going and then start your prep! What are you waiting for?! Sign up now!