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Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Week 1: Bears come up short in 30-27 loss to Cincy

The first-team offense disappoints, but a couple of second round Bears show some stuff in an overall-disheartening preseason loss.

Chicago Bears v Cincinnati Bengals
Eddie Goldman looked alright in limited snaps. Shrug emoji?
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Bears lose again. How many times can you tell yourself that “preseason wins don’t matter” before you feel like you’re lying. We had it in our paws and then Auden Tate had to come in and go Javon Wims on us. We drafted the hidden gem 7th round contested catch receiver, not you, Bengals! And please don’t point out how the “Bengals first team” dominated the “Bears first team.” Because then I’d have to get petty and point out that the Bears didn’t start Allen Robinson, Jordan Howard, Taylor Gabriel, Prince Amukamara, or Danny Trevathan. I don’t like to get petty.

If you want to see the preseason box score, I have it for you here.

Trubisky: I’m not bad, I’m just disappointing

Mitch’s first game time in the Nagy era was a frustrating watch. His first two pass attempts were to Kevin White guarded by the Bengal’s best corner, William Jackson III. Taquon Mizzell representing the backfield didn’t help him get more attempts, and ultimately his best pass was a dart dropped by White that turned into a Bears first down due to a roughing-the-Biscuit penalty.

On the Bears’ second drive, Trubisky completed two easy passes—a briefly encouraging first-down gainer to Trey Burton, and a 3rd-and-long dumper to Anthony Miller, who failed to elude the first tackle.

In his final drive, Mister Biscuit had one third and long pass-attempt which fell short as he was hit from behind by Carl Lawson. All of this adds up to a disappointing outing. Trubisky didn’t shine, but he didn’t have much of an opportunity either.

Timu continues to be the best reason for the Bears to sign Roquan Smith

The Bengals’ first drive hinged on two big plays, both of which involved Timu lacking the athleticism or talent to make a stop. Timu is a good player above the shoulders, but his physical shortcomings were put on display tonight, and I don’t think I’m the only Bears fan begging to see a certain athletic young linebacker don a navy and orange uniform.

Mizzell showed he can compete against NFL 2nd-teamers

And he showed he’s not an every-down back against first-teamers. His role as the starting RB unfortunately held the first team offense back quite a bit. It may be my bias toward my second-favorite Bear, but if Howard had been in his place, the Bears first three drives would have involved at least 12 more first downs and four more touchdowns.

Based on the play-time Mizzell got today, I’m guessing the Bears wanted a good look at what he can bring. Which makes me think they’re considering him on the 53. Hopefully this means I won’t lose the roster prediction game this year.

Pressure dropping?

Last week, the Bears had eight sacks. This week, only one. Maybe the Bengals O-line is just that good. No. That doesn’t sound right. Roy Robertson-Harris stood out as the lone sacker with two QB hits. I did think Leonard Floyd got good pressure in his few snaps, and he was right in Dalton’s face when he threw the pick six. Kylie Fitts and Jonathan Bullard both got into the backfield, but never fast enough to do anything about it.

Overall, the Bears pass rush performance in this game barely matched the quality you would expect from the Packers back-up receivers.

James Daniels to Cody Whitehair: To the left, to the left

Yes, that’s a Beyoncé reference. Good question. James Daniels came in conveniently after Geno Atkins left the field, and proceeded to look like the best offensive lineman out there. I should acknowledge that this was also conveniently after the rest of the Bears starters left the field. I’d like to make a bold take and say that James Daniels will be the Bears’ starting center sooner than later, but enough people have already said it that it’s not bold.

I’ll say it anyway. Your starting line is RT Massie, RG Long, C Daniels, LG Whitehair, LT Leno. I for one love the look of it.

The Mean Lean Adam Shaheen marches down the field, munching up green

Shhhhh. But Patti, it was against the second team and you just said that Mizzell—Shhhhhh. Close your eyes. Goodnight, sweet Bear, and flying Shaheens sing thee to thy rest. Second-round steal. Second-round sstsshhhhhhhhh.

Bengals defense is good, y’all

Bears fans have seen first hand what Teryl Austin has been able to do with the mediocre talent on the Lions defense for the last few years. Geno Atkins, William Jackson III, Carl Lawson, and Carlos Dunlap are not mediocre talent.

Nall leans in

I thought about saving this subtle pun for a time when Ryan Nall did well against the Saints, but the chances of that opportunity coming are just too low. The large UDFA running back made a much better impression in his second start. Showing he has hands...and legs. His 70ish yard run was reminiscent of Jordan Howard, a breakaway play without the top-end speed to take it the distance. Gotta love that in a Bear.

We haven’t seen the new Bears offense yet, and I’m getting impatient. The Bears’ defense showed they are a couple injuries away from having exploitable holes at cornerback and linebacker. I’m sure there is something to be happy about, but looking at those self-satisfied kitty faces, I’m having trouble seeing it.

PS. I apologize if this came across as a bit of a love song to Geno Atkins. But the man is basically a poor-man’s Akiem Hicks. What’s not to love?