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Bears among cheapest NFL franchises to root for

No, this has nothing to do with ownership.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears
Compared to most NFL franchises, Bears fans don’t have to pay that much to enjoy their team.
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have one of the most loyal fanbases in the NFL. Although divisive at times, the group is consistently passionate about their beloved team, and when Sundays roll around, they all want the same thing: a Bears victory.

Luckily for them, enjoying the Bears isn’t nearly as expensive as it is for other fans to cheer on their favorite teams.

Vacation rental search engine HomeToGo recently conducted a study that takes a look at how expensive it is for fans of each NFL to root for their specific teams. Using transportation, ticket prices, accommodation, and the price of game day food and drink for all 16 games, HomeToGo determined which franchises required the most money for fans to follow throughout the regular season.

The Bears ended up right inside of the top 10, finishing as the ninth-cheapest team to root for in the league. The total cost for the whole gameday experience was $5,308.51. Here’s a rundown of where they placed in each category:

  • Tickets: sixth-cheapest with $2,229.00
  • Food: 16th-most expensive with $82.75
  • Drinks: third-most expensive with $133.50
  • Transportation: 15th-cheapest with $1,983.85
  • Lodging: 12th-most expensive with $5,308.51

For reference, the Bears ranked as the best overall value in the NFC North. The Minnesota Vikings finished 12th, the Green Bay Packers finished 20th, and the Detroit Lions finished 29th.

Chicago is projected to take a huge step forward in the 2018 regular season. If they show enough improvement this year, then fans could truly be getting a fantastic bang for their buck.

Jacob Infante is a Chicago Bears and NFL Draft writer at SB Nation’s Windy City Gridiron. He also covers the NFL Draft for USA Today SMG’s Draft Wire. He can be reached through Twitter @jacobinfante24 or e-mailed at