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Full details of the Khalil Mack trade

Here’s what the Bears gave up for the star pass rusher. Not as steep as you’d think.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The trade details between the Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears are now official according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Bears get:

  • Outside linebacker Khalil Mack
  • A 2020 second-round round draft pick
  • A conditional 2020 fifth-round draft pick

The Raiders get:

  • A 2019 first-round draft pick
  • A 2019 sixth-round pick pick
  • A 2020 first-round draft pick
  • A 2020 third-round draft pick

So in 2019, the Bears will be without their first-round pick, and due to the Anthony Miller trade, their second round pick. In 2020, they’ll start their draft out with two picks in the second round.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace has shown an ability to manipulate the draft when he has a target in mind, so don’t be shocked if he figures out a way to move future picks to get back into the first round in 2020 if a prospect catches his eye. On it’s face, by acquiring the special Mack and an early Day 2 pick in return, Pace has made out well in this blockbuster deal.