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Khalil Mack Film Breakdown: Apex Predator

This breakdown of Khalil Mack is a must see for Bears’ fans now that Khalil Mack is a Chicago Bear. (OMG, he’s a Bear!)

Mack can beat you in every way imaginable.”

“The most physically gifted pass rusher in the NFL.”

“Watching him scream off the edge every single week, it’s almost impossible to not see a carbon copy of the great Lawrence Taylor.”

These quotes all come within the first seventy seconds of SB Nation’s Brett Kollmann’s 2017 film breakdown of new Chicago Bears’ pass rusher, Khalil Mack.

Let me type that one more time ... new Chicago Bears’ pass rusher, Khalil Mack.

Now that the 27-year old Mack is a part of Vic Fangio’s Bears defense, we can expect his presence to boost the play of the entire defense. Akiem Hicks will see more one-on-one blocks. Leonard Floyd off the opposite edge won’t get many tight end chips or see running backs worrying about him. The secondary won’t have to cover for as long, so they’ll be able to jump some routes and the interceptions could increase.

Yes, the Bears had a lot of sacks last year, but Mack will give them more. Plus, he’ll give them consistent pressure.

Khalil Mack is a the kind of player an offense has to scheme against and be cognizant of on every singe play. And in Chicago, he’s also going to a part of a better coached defense and one with more overall talent than anything the Raiders ever had.

Here’s Kollmann’s breakdown in full.