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NFL Power Rankings: What did the second half failure do to the Bears’ ranking?

We take a peek around the week 2 NFL Power Rankings to see how they have the Chicago Bears ranked.

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears looked like a Super Bowl contender for about an hour on Sunday Night Football. A crisp offense, a terrifying defense, and a rival left reeling.

But then, the wheels fell off.

They didn’t fall off as bad as they did in Detroit, but Chicago’s second half against the Green Bay Packers is one we’d all like to forget.

So how does the national power rankers view the Jekyll and Hyde Bears? Do they believe that first half performance was a precursor of things to come and the second half was just a young team getting swept up in the moment, or do they believe the first half was a fluke and the second half was the real Bears?

SB Nation has the Bears down to 17 after being at 13 last week.

I have to check in with SB Nation’s Mile High Report to see how they treat the Bears now that their Jilted-Lover-Syndrome with Jay Cutler is in the past.

23. Chicago Bears

Congrats Bears, you beat up on Kizer and then lost to Rodgers. At least you showed life. The Mack signing looks good from here, even though he was kinda invisible when you needed him the most. Unlike Von freaking Miller!!!

ESPN has the Bears up to 21 after being at 26 for the preseason.

Not even two weeks removed from signing a record-breaking deal with the Bears, Khalil Mack orchestrated a debut for the ages against the Packers. He posted a sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, interception and defensive touchdown, becoming the first player to do all of that since he himself did it in 2016 against the Panthers. What’s more remarkable, Mack reached those thresholds in the first half alone and is the only player to put together a half of that kind since sacks became official in 1982.

Here’s how the Sporting News has it.

23. Chicago Bears 0-1 (last week: 19)

The Bears were sitting pretty with Khail Mack going all grizzly on the Packers, but then Mitchell Trubisky blew it for them in the new-look offense. They need to focus on winning despite Trubisky with a heavier defense/running game-oriented plan.

The USA Today has it like this.

18. Bears (19): Offense showed intriguing signs of life, but it still accounted for same number of TDs Sunday night (1) as new OLB Khalil Mack.

The Washington Post has it like this.

21. Chicago Bears (0-1) | Last Week’s Rank: 17

Khalil Mack was as dominant as a defender can be, at least for a half, in his Bears debut. And the Bears certainly resembled a team with possibilities for most of the night Sunday at Lambeau Field. But the mistakes made down the stretch, including the dropped interception by CB Kyle Fuller that could have sealed the outcome, were glaring. Those things can’t happen if Chicago is going to take a big step forward and become a contender.

Yahoo has a bunch of Bears’ thoughts in their power ranking article, but as for the actual ranking, it’s below.

18. Chicago Bears (0-1, LW: 20)

This needs to be repeated: Khalil Mack was incredible on Sunday night. It’ll be a ton of fun to watch him in that defense all season.

Some moved the Bears up after the loss, and some moved them down.

How do you see their prospects heading into week 2?