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Fantasy Football Forum - Week 2

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It’s only week 2 and we already have a major issue at the tight end position

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders
Wait, what? Jared Cook? Seriously?!
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome to week 2 of the fantasy football calendar where all half you had your dreams of a perfect season dashed onto the rocks. We’re already dealing with a bit of a miniature crisis as the tight end position, already shallow, took two major blows. The first was a season-ending injury for Delanie Walker, the Titans steady performer. A nasty ankle injury ends his season and, at age 34, may have played his last snap. Walker has been a perennially underrated tight end in real life and in the fake football game we play and while I didn’t have him on any of my teams, this one hurts.

The second injury was to our old friend Greg Olsen, who re-fractured his foot on Sunday. Absolutely brutal news for one of the great men in the league. The Panthers have not put him in season-ending IR and appear willing to carry him on the roster in hopes that he can make a recovery. Olsen was able to return last year but he simply wasn’t very effective when on the field. Store him in an IR slot if that’s available to you and see what happens but set your expectations low.

Olsen and Walker were in my top 6 in my preseason rankings, so this is a major blow to the position. I lost Olsen in two leagues and replaced him with Jared Cook before the Monday Night game and with Austin Sefarian-Jenkins on a waiver claim. I certainly don’t “trust” either of those two players and I’ll have my eye out for any break out candidates. A few names that might be on your wire that you should consider:

  • Ben Watson: Caught 4 balls for 44 yards back on the Drew Brees offense. You can do worse than catching a piece of that offense.
  • Ricky Seals-Jones: Didn’t do much with his 4 targets, but the Arizona Cardinals are high on this guy.
  • Jonnu Smith: Walker’s replacement for the Titans who had some preseason buzz attached to him. Next man up.
  • Jesse James: The Steelers have a ton of weapons and he’s never been consistent, but that offense has the capability to put up a lot of points.

Your turn. Are you pumped about your squad or ready to hit the drop button on the whole team? Questions on start/sit, trades, and streamers, hit up the comments below.