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Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks Preview: Keys to the Game

After a tough second half meltdown in Green Bay against the Packers, can the Bears get back on-track at home against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Bears need to win Monday night’s game against the Seahawks in the worst way. After an agonizing defeat at Lambeau Field against the Packers, can the Bears get back on track? I think they can, but they will have to make a few adjustments in order to do so.

For me it’s all about getting back to basics. There was an opportunity to get crazy with the offensive play calls last week, and that’s exactly what we saw early on. There were a lot of plays left on the field last week and they will need to make a few of those if they are going to steamroll the Seahawks, which many of us expect them to do.

Keys to the Game

Keep It Simple Stupid: Matt Nagy got a little too cute last week. If the Bears are going to be successful this season, then a lot is riding on the rookie head coach’s shoulders. He will need to get back to basics and just run his offense. Use mismatches that are available, but the Bears shouldn’t need smoke and mirrors to score points against the Seahawks. Feed Howard, get Mitch Trubisky in a rhythm, and you should be walking away 1-1.

Pressure Chief: The Seahawks offensive line is not very good. The Bears should be able to get consistent pressure on Wilson. The key to that pressure however will be containment. Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, and Roy Robertson-Harris need to get to Wilson quickly to get him flustered and running into the arms of Mack and Floyd. Mack will beat 1-on-1 matchups but expect him to have tight end help for most of the game. The push up the middle is crucial.

The X-Factor: Utilizing the weapons on the outside is where this offense is likely to succeed the most. The Seahawks strength is in the middle, so the Bears need to attack the edges. We should see some shots downfield to Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel this week, with Anthony Miller and Cohen underneath. If the weather is good, the Bears might just be the team that takes flight.

What are your keys to the game? The Bears appear to have some distinct advantages against the Seahawks this week, but which ones will turn the tides of victory the Bears way?