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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

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Come for my Thoughts, stay for the Brian Urlacher halftime video!

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

1) Let’s talk a little about Patrick Mahomes.

He sat for most of last season, even though the prevailing thought was that teams need to play their young quarterbacks as soon as possible. The situation in Kansas City, with an established vet QB in Alex Smith, meant that they would only play him when they wanted, and not when they needed.

Could he have stepped in from day one and played this good? There’s really no way to know, just like there’s no way to know if him sitting for 15 games last year was beneficial to his development.

There is no right way to bring along a young quarterback, because every situation is different.

The only thing I know for sure is Matt Nagy spent a whole year working with Mahomes in K.C. last year.

2) The New Orleans Saints had to come from behind to beat the Cleveland Browns, so are the Saints not as good as many of us thought, or are the Browns better?

I’m leaning towards Cleveland being much improved this year.

3) Speaking of the Saints, did you hear the story of how Olin Kreutz nearly put Drew Brees through a wall?

I wish there were more details, but I’d imagine someday, someone could convince Kreutz to write a tell-all book.

Paging Jack M Silverstein...

4) The Score guys interviewed Kreutz because he abruptly retired mid-season in 2011, so they wanted to get his take on Buffalo BillsVontae Davis retiring at halftime on Sunday.

Some people were livid at the decision, but if Davis didn’t feel it anymore, should he just stick around and go through the motions to collect his paycheck?

He’s a football player walking away from a game he played professionally for ten years. And while I think it was a dick-move to leave the stadium like he did — he could have stuck around for his teammates — ultimately the decision was his and it’s not that big a deal.

5) The Green Bay Packers tied the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday (which I’m good with), but these two plays were complete bullshit.

Defenders can’t go low against quarterbacks (they’ll get flagged) and they can’t go high (they’ll get flagged), so they target the midpoint and physics tells us they’ll likely land on top of the quarterback.

But in both of these particular instances, the referee believed that the defender lifted the quarterback up and drove them to the ground. After the game, referee Tony Corrente said this about the call on Clay Matthews. “When he hit the quarterback, he lifted him and drove him into the ground,” Corrente said in a pool report via Pro Football Talk. “It has nothing to do with the rule of full body weight. He picked the quarterback up and drove him into the ground.”


The NFL needs to allow these types of calls to be reviewable.

6) I’m not a New England Patriots’ hater by any means, but I do find it funny seeing Tom Brady melting down on the sidelines. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a damn good football team, and I wish I would have picked them to win the AFC.

This happened on Sunday too.

7) The Pats picked up talented, but troubled, wide out Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns for a conditional 5th-round draft pick.

That’s a small price to pay for a player with so much potential. The Browns gave him every chance to succeed, but it just never worked out for him. The 27-year old heads to a veteran team that has had success in getting through to players in similar circumstances.

8) The best part about Ryan Fitzpatrick's two game run is how meme-able he’s become.

There’s no way the Buccaneers go back to Jameis Winston once his suspension ends. He may get his job back at some point, but he’ll be the back-up for at least a couple weeks.

9) Way back on Thursday Night Football, the Cincinnati Bengals improved to 2-0 with an impressive win over the Baltimore Ravens. Andy Dalton threw 4 TD passes, 3 of which went to A.J. Green. They might be the class of that division, especially with the way the Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to go downhill.

9a) In case you missed it, Steeler wide out Antonio Brown didn’t show up for work today.

10) ESPN failed in not showing any of Brian Urlacher’s halftime speech in accepting his Hall Of Fame ring on Monday night. We’re talking about a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer being honored at the half, not some dog chasing down Frisbees. Urlacher wasn’t just a great Bear, he was a great player for the NFL, and not showing us anything was an idiotic decision.

Instead, ESPN showed some clips of Urban Meyer and a band playing a song.

The Bears did share a clip of the ceremony.