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Week 2 Stock up, stock down: Bears-Seahawks

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The Bears toughed out a win last night in front of the home crowd.

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Another game that came down to the wire, and there were definitely some clenched butts in that second half, but this time the Bears stepped up, instead of down, and held on for the 24-17 win.

There will still be hand-wringing of course, and why wouldn’t there be? Mitch Trubisky was still up and down, there wasn’t quite as much Jordan Howard in the second half, but it ended with a W, and that was the most important thing.

This was a big bounce-back for a team, and fanbase, that was very vulnerable in the middle of the fourth quarter. With Seattle driving you could feel the tension: Soldier Field was quiet, my wife and I were quiet on the couch, you could sense the tension on the Bears sideline.

But Prince Amukamara came through and that turned the tide. You could almost hear the collective sigh along Lake Shore Drive.

In a moment where the team, under a new coach, could’ve folded and had real trouble starting 0-2, they all stepped up, closed it out, and came out 1-1.

Stock up

Prince Amukamara, CB - Before the season Amukamara said he set a goal of ten interceptions for himself. Most people rolled their eyes and thought, ‘yeah he’s setting a high bar for himself.’ Sure, it is likely too lofty a goal to hit, but he got a start on it in a clutch moment. Amukamara’s pick six sealed the win. He struggled a little in the first half against Brandon Marshall, but I am still saying it’s a stock up for Prince.

Danny Trevathan, LB - Trevathan finished the game with a team-leading eight tackles, 2 sacks, 2 QB hits and a tackle for loss. He balled out and really came up big with the late-game forced fumble that was the final nail in the coffin for Seattle.

Allen Robinson, WR - This list isn’t complete, and it isn’t indicative of who ‘bounced back’ per say, because Robinson didn’t really go anywhere. I just felt like he made enough plays to earn a spot here. Robinson fought for extra yards and made the plays he needed to make for his quarterback. Robinson finished with 10 catches on 14 targets and 83 yards.

Stock down

Leonard Floyd, LB - Club hand or not, Floyd has been the invisible man through two games. Sure he had the fumble recovery late, a nice play on a ball that all but bounced right to him. He was credited with three tackles and one pass deflection. With all the attention on Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks, Floyd should be making a ton more plays.

Mitch Trubisky, QB - Look, I said it on Twitter in a number of different ways, but I think he’s basically a rookie in his second season. The game hasn’t quite slowed down for him and he still seems to be at his best when the plays are either scripted or when he’s improvising. I’m by no means writing him off, but for now, there’s some concern here. He will get better but patience is going to be needed from the fans and media.

Kyle Fuller, CB - Overall he didn’t play a bad game by any means, but for the second week in a row he gave up a TD. Granted it took an absolute perfect throw to beat him, but he didn’t look back for the ball at all. Fuller was great last year at knocking balls down and out of receiver’s hands, that’s been absent this year.

Who are your stock up/stock down Bears this week?