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Bears Rush Report 2018: Week 2 vs the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Most of us had a feeling that the Bears pass rush would take it to the Seahawks offensive line, and we were correct. The Bears had a whopping 6 sacks on the evening, with a number of other pressures as well. This was as dominant of a defensive performance as we have seen since the Lovie Smith administration. One of the most impressive things about the pass rush to this point, is that 3 of the sacks were of the much sought after strip-sack variety.

Let’s get to the fun, shall we?

Week 2 vs the Seahawks

Sack 1 - First quarter 11:24 (3rd & 2) - Aaron Lynch

While Aaron Lynch gets the credit for the sack, this play was made possible by the slot blitz call by Vic Fangio. Fangio sends slot cornerback Bryce Callahan on a blitz, which forces Russell Wilson to step up into the pocket and the waiting arms of Lynch. Another thing to notice is that Akiem Hicks and Lynch run a tackle/end twist. Hicks rushes to the outside and Lynch loops around to the inside. This very well may have ended up as a sack anyway, but I am going to give half the credit to Callahan here.

Sack 2 - Second quarter 13:25 (2nd & 15) - Eddie Goldman

Newly minted nose tackle Eddie Goldman gets in on the action as well. Goldman uses a bull rush to push the center straight into Wilson’s lap. This is as good of a job as you will find of having 2 speed rushers pinning the edges in, while the pushing the pocket up the middle. Hard to not split this with either Mack or Leonard Floyd, but I am going to give this one to Goldman.

Sack 3 - Second quarter 8:54 (1st & 10) - Eddie Jackson

Here is a perfect example of a “team sack.” Eddie Jackson gets on the score sheet with this sack, but he wasn’t even rushing Wilson on this play, not until the very end anyway. Let’s just talk about the play we see in this clip for a second. Mack is left unblocked on the naked bootleg, but instead of crashing down and giving Wilson room to breath, Mack reads the play and gets upfield. Jonathan Bullard also does a fantastic job of covering the tight end that streaks across, negating any outlet. Both Hicks and Goldman beat their man as well. The only reason this gets to Jackson is because Mack gets to Wilson quickly, Hicks takes out Mack, while Goldman trips over Mack/Hicks. Each had a great shot and all deserve credit, but this was a true team effort.

Sack 4 - Second quarter 7:21 (3rd & 17) - Khalil Mack

Hoo boy! Talk about an incredible individual effort. Mack gets a wide chip from the tight end before getting a running start at right tackle Germain Ifedi. Mack goes with the bull rush to and outside move, but Ifedi pushes Mack wide. On a second effort—while being blocked by Ifedi—Mack reaches out and knocks the ball out of Wilson’s hand.

Sack 5 - Second quarter 1:01 (1st & 10) - Danny Trevathan

Poor CJ Prosise, he simply had no chance here. Danny Trevathan gets into his body and just puts him on skates. Once Trevathan senses he is close enough to get the sack, he discards Procise and brings down Wilson. It looked as though Wilson actually trips or goes down on his own, but Trevathan had him dead to rights.

Note: At the bottom of the screen, Mack is doing his thing. This is one of his signature moves, so keep an eye out for this strange-looking technique as the season goes on.

Sack 6 - Fourth quarter 4:40 (2nd & 6) - Danny Trevathan

This is our first SINO (Sacks in Name Only) sack of the season. Trevathan gets stood up on his initial rush and it isn’t until Wilson takes off, that Trevathan has an opening to make this play. The other consideration here is that Wilson is winding up to throw when Trevathan knocks the ball out, then afterwards, he goes in for the tackle. The end result was great, but I am hard pressed to give this sack to Trevathan.

Pressure of the Week

Third quarter 6:24 (3rd & 10) -Khalil Mack

This is one of my favorite plays of the game on defense. Mack takes the inside route and is in Wilson’s face almost immediately, which forces a very premature throw from Wilson. Lynch gets punched pretty hard and almost looks stunned afterwards, but that ended up being a blessing in disguise as Lynch recognizes the screen and plays it perfectly.

Note: Keep an eye on Roy Robertson-Harris at the top of the screen. He beats his man quickly (keep in mind it’s a screen pass) and chases this play down from behind. Impressive effort from the big man!

Here’s how I have the individual* Rush Report after week 1.

Khalil Mack - 2

Akiem Hicks - 1

Roy Robertson-Harris - 1

Roquan Smith - 1

Eddie Goldman - 1

Danny Trevathan - 1

Team Sacks - 1

SINO - 1

Aaron Lynch - 0.5

Bryce Callahan - 0.5

*These numbers do not reflect a players official statistics.