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Cold Takes: A Look At Chicago’s Win Over Seattle

Things look a bit different when you set emotions aside and go back and watch the tape a couple of times...

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears tight end Trey Burton (80) makes a catch against Seattle Seahawks cornerback Justin Coleman (28) during the second half at Soldier Field.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all seen the “Hot Takes” from Monday night’s Bears game all over the net. In this series, I’m letting some time pass, and after reviewing the game tape a couple of times, I’m going to share some “Cold Takes.”

These are just a series of my thoughts and observations, presented in no particular order.

  • Game Ball: As good as Khalil Mack was (and he was very, very good) my game ball goes to Prince Amukamara for the pick 6 that sealed the game. He played that ball perfectly, read it, reacted, jumped the route, caught the ball (I’m looking at you, Kyle Fuller) and stuck the dagger in the heart of the Seahawks.
  • Khalil Mack is a full grown man.
  • I hear a lot of people saying they are tired of the ‘dink and dunk’ five yards offense. I’ve got some really bad news for you short-passing-game haters, the RPO as run by KC isn’t a downfield oriented offense, rather it’s based on breaking people free in the 5-15 yard zone. Which brings me to...
  • People talk about Mitch’s worst throws of the Seahawks games. Hoge & Jahns said in their podcast that Mitch’s worst throw was his overthrow of Taylor Gabriel, and I agree. That was a 6, plain and simple... that is EXACTLY the kind of 15-yard schemed-open play this offense is designed to open up, and Trubs flat missed him. The two other really bad throws were (of course) the underthrow that was picked off and the ill-advised force to the left down deep in the zone that was deflected but should have been a pick.
  • Trubs had two picks. One of them was totally earned (the underthrow) the other wasn’t. Having said that, he “earned” a pick he didn’t get with the throw to the left mentioned above. So 2 picks is what he deserved.
  • The shovel pass to Burton for the TD was NOT improvised, it’s a set play for Kansas City, Travis Kelce has scored many times on it.
  • Sometimes you have to tip your helmet, that throw by Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett was just a thing of beauty. Kyle Fuller had TIGHT coverage on him and was stride for stride, meaning ball placement had to be perfect. Could Fuller have turned sooner? Should he have? Yes, he could have and should have... that’s a play Kyle needs to make and he isn’t doing it this year (and has had trouble with that in the past) but credit where it’s due it was a heck of a pitch and catch. Kyle, turn that head!
  • Leonard Floyd isn’t showing up in the stats but go back and watch the tape a couple of times... watch what he’s doing, He actually had a good game, he’s the cover OLB a lot of the time, and he’s doing a fine job at that. In that D, OLB’s cover... and frankly I would rather have Floyd covering and Mack rushing.
  • Did anyone notice that when Seattle had that long drive to pull the game close, it was Acho and Lynch at OLB? Not blaming either one of them, just saying that we saw Fangio doing a LOT of rotation along that line, which kept Floyd and Mack much fresher.
  • Mack’s still not in game shape. That is frightening.
  • Roquan Smith started his first game. I expect that to be a 10+ year thing. Not only did he start, he played well. Not perfectly, but well.
  • There’s just something right and natural about the Chicago Bears having one of the most feared defenses in the league. Yes, offensive struggles, we get that... but that defense is absolutely scary. I like it :)
  • Alan Robinson and Taylor Gabriel show up, big time.
  • The good: Anthony Miller flashed with a huge TD catch. The bad: Anthony Miller’s TD dance. Just. No.
  • Anybody who thinks Eddie Goldman is not good should take a really, really good look at this game tape. Goldman BEASTED.
  • This defense is going to make Andrew Link’s life very, very busy. Andrew’s Rush Report, where he details every sack, is going to be LONG. I like it, and he does too.
  • Remember when everybody was saying our team’s fatal flaw was a lack of pass rush?
  • Aaron Lynch did a thing. A positive thing. Actually, he did TWO things! Lynch doesn’t need to be an All-Pro, but if he can just provide Mitch Unrein level or play or higher that’s a huge advantage. Yes, different positions but... that level is good enough.
  • Josh Bellamy... we had a Josh Bellamy sighting!!!!!!
  • Trey Burton... we need to get him even more involved in the offense... so far, so good, but MOAR!
  • Jordan Howard officially now has good receiving skills.
  • Overheard on a live mic at the end of the game was Russell Wilson congratulating Prince Amukamara for the great pick and offering to sign the ball for him. That’s class.
  • Russell Wilson deserves better than Seattle. He really does. No OL, limited tools... yeah, he deserves better.
  • Opinions about Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears offense are all over the place, but I’m going to stick to what I said months ago... I expected both Trubisky and the Bears to struggle on offense the first half of the season, and slowly get better as they really grasped the RPO style attack. I still think that’s what we will see.
  • Matt Nagy and Vic Fangio were both blasted by fans and the media for taking the foot off the gas in the second half of the Green Bay game. Unlike John Fox and company, however, the new Bears field bosses obviously learned something from week one and this week it was a whole different story.
  • I think Matt Nagy’s going to change the vocabulary in Chicago a bit. We are so used to “run the ball” being synonymous with “control time of possession”. In Nagy’s offense, running is only a part of ball control. Nagyball has a lot of short passes.
  • The thing is, when you throw short passes guys like Kendall Wright and Dontrelle Inman, if they catch the ball what you end up with is a short pass. With Nagyball, when you throw those same passes to Taylor Gabriel and Tarik Cohen you may end up with a short pass or you may end up with an explosive player taking it to the house.
  • Key facts to remember with the Chicago Bears defense: Mack, Smith and Lynch all should get even better as they play their way into football shape. None of the three had any pre-season to speak of. That’s scary.
  • One final thought. BEARS WIN!

So what do you think, Chicago Bears fans... let’s hear it, spill the beans!