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Bears players react to the Khalil Mack trade

Some of the Bears’ core pieces couldn’t help but let their excitement ooze out over Mack’s arrival.

Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

By now, the dust has settled on the Bears’ trade for Khalil Mack. What was initial shock has evolved into beaming acceptance.

What hasn’t changed and will likely take time to get used to, is the excitement that’s bubbling over. It’s not only Bears fans that are ecstatic about the superstar pass rusher’s addition. Bears players themselves had to show their outward giddiness with Chicago pushing it’s chips in on Mack.

When you tell your players it’s time to win by making such a bold move, they’ll always respond perfectly in kind. It’s how you galvanize a budding, young locker room.

Here’s how several Bears reacted on Twitter to Mack being acquired by Chicago.

Bears left tackle Charles Leno Jr. did what likely many across Chicagoland did yesterday: listened to Mark Morrison’s famed classic, “Return of the Mack.”

Leno has some real moves, you have to admit.

Linebacker Danny Trevathan showed that he sheepishly smiled as soon as he heard about Mack as a Bear.

Someone’s job at inside linebacker just became that much easier.

Meanwhile, Tarik Cohen said it all.

The small running back only has to worry about Mack in practice.

Another Bears defender, cornerback Prince Amukamara, couldn’t resist kicking Raiders quarterback Derek Carr while he was already down.

Maybe Amukamara’s goal of 10 interceptions in 2018 doesn’t seem unrealistic with Mack’s added pass pressure.

Backup quarterback Chase Daniel had the most formal and informal welcome for Mack.

A man that’s been in Kansas City and seen what Mack is capable of as a defender.

Taylor Gabriel was the one Bear that became the most emotional publicly, well after the Mack trade was announced in the early morning. This is the reaction of a player who knows his team is about to potentially embark on something special.

You better believe Gabriel is thinking big.

Finally, the Bears’ offensive mainstay in the quiet Jordan Howard, well ... he hung out with none other than Kanye West.

That’s the biggest smile anyone has ever seen on “J-How.”

Needless to say, the trade for Mack makes the Bears relevant again. More importantly, it takes a rising Bears squad and lets them know that the No. 1 goal of their mission is to go trophy hunting. And they’re undoubtedly prepared for that lofty objective.

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