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Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Preview: Keys to the Game

Following their win over the Seahawks, the Bears invade Chicago South to play the Cardinals in what should be a convincing win.

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After controlling last week’s game versus the Seahawks from start to finish, the Bears need to come out and put a whooping on the Cardinals on Sunday. With a decided advantage at ever position that isn’t occupied by Patrick Peterson, the Cardinals shouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Bears. But this is the NFL and on any given Sunday...

I have been pretty adamant in my previews this week about aggression and that will continue here. This is the type of game that you take the reins off. I am not talking about just Mitch Trubisky and the passing game, but on defense as well. The old adages about keeping your foot on an opponents throat certainly apply here. There is simply no reason for this game to ever be a contest, at least not from what we have seen from the Cardinals so far.

Keys to the Game

Keep Your Foot on the Gas: One thing that we learned in the opening week of the season is that while the Bears are talented, they aren’t good enough (yet) to coast with at lead. Granted, this Cardinals team is nowhere near as talented as the Packers, or the Seahawks for that matter, they still need to keep their foot on the gas. The Bears have an opportunity to put Trubisky and the offense in situations to succeed early, but they cannot be satisfied with that. It’s time to push the ball down the field and use the weapons at your disposal. Regardless of the score, if the scoreboard isn’t late-ish in the 4th quarter, the offense should still be trying to put the ball in the end zone, not run out the clock.

A Game of Chance: We finally saw a Bears defensive back take a chance and take a pass back to the house last week. We need to see more gambling from the secondary this week. The Cardinals quarterback position is putrid and their targets are average at best. With the pass rush that the Bears have generated through 2 weeks, there should be some opportunities to take chances. I would like to see a few undercuts on the back end, even if the result is a big play. The next step in this defense’s evolution is for the secondary to create turnovers in bunches. The time to start is now.

The X-Factor: Trubisky needs to pretend he’s a member of the Gap Band and drop some bombs on the Cardinals. The vertical passing game has been virtually nonexistent so far. That needs to change and this is the perfect opportunity to push the envelope. When you have Allen Robinson II, Taylor Gabriel, Tarik Cohen, and Kevin White (yeah, I said it) on your team, there is no reason to not try a few deep passes every game. Against a team like the Cardinals, where you should be able to overcome a few mistakes, it presents a prime occasion to unleash the downfield weapons.

What are your keys to the game? The Bears look poised for their first blowout victory of the Matt Nagy era, but can they keep the foot on the gas versus the Cardinals?