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FanPulse: How would you fix NFL overtime?

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In two weeks of NFL action, we’ve already seen two games end up in a tie. The Browns and Steelers in week 1, and the Packers and Vikings in week 2. Two ties is the most that we’ve seen in the NFL since they went to sudden-death overtime in 1974. The Chicago Bears are one of eleven franchises that have never played a tie game, but that doesn’t mean I’m apathetic towards the tie. I think it’s dumb.

The current overtime rules for the NFL has them playing a 10 minute quarter (if needed), and a team can only win on the first possession if they score a touchdown. An opening drive field goal no longer ends the game. If a team doesn’t score a TD on their first possession, the other team gets a crack on offense with the ball. If the two teams trade field goals, they play on until the next points are scored (up to 10 minutes).

Most people don’t like the way it is now, and that was the FanPulse-wide question posed to all 32 fan-bases this week.

The college rules are what more prefer, and in case you didn’t know those rules here they are, courtesy of SB Nation.

  • Each period consists of one possession for each team, the order of which is decided by a pre-overtime coin toss.
  • Each possession starts at the defense’s 25-yard line.
  • If the teams remain tied at the end of a period, they play another full period.
  • After each period, the order of possession flips. So if you had the ball first in one period, you have it second in the next.
  • Starting in the third period, teams can no longer kick extra points and must go for two after touchdowns. This is to try and help things wrap up quickly.

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It’s so simple even a Packers’ fan could do it.