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Bears Vs Cardinals: NFL Week 3 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

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The Bears go for their second win of the year.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Well, it’s closer to the typical noon-game Sunday routine?

Against the Seahawks, the Bears were who we thought they were. How fitting then that the next opponent for this 1-1 squad is the Cardinals team that made that rant famous. This Cardinals team, however, has... had some offensive trouble, to put it bluntly. The team has put up 6 total points in the first two games. Mike Glennon is on the roster. These two facts are not connected, as he’s down on the roster behind Sam Bradford and presumably the rookie Josh Rosen, but close enough.

That being said, Patrick Peterson is still real and very, very spectacular, so this will still be a decent growth test for the Navy and Orange and Mitchell Trubisky, who through two games has both flashed what made him the second overall pick two years ago and shown dud moments that he hopefully improves as the season goes on.

Hopefully Kahlil Mack doesn’t have to have his own herculean Brian Herculacher - excuse me, Brian Urlacher game en route to the Bears being over .500 for the first time in five years. Can this team get there?

We’ll find out this afternoon. Bear Down, my friends.


Of course, we’ll be here this morning breaking down last week’s win and looking forward to this week’s game. So for two hours, we’ll be discussing all that and then some.

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We’ll see you all at 9:30 AM CT.