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Bears’ Anthony Miller dislocated his shoulder

Anthony Miller dislocated his shoulder on Sunday in Arizona.

Chicago Bears v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Monday, September 24 - Chicago Bears rookie wide Anthony Miller did dislocate his shoulder early in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. He returned to the game after being checked out, but the dislocation happened again in the third quarter of the Bears 16-14 victory.

Dr. David Chao, Sports Medical Analyst from the San Diego Union-Tribune, writes that surgery is “inevitable,” and it’s only a matter of when. Meaning, Miller could try and gut through the pain and play with a harness, but a wide out being restricted probably isn’t the best thing for the team.

The Bears do have Kevin White, Josh Bellamy, and fellow rookie Javon Wims on the 53-man roster, so they have some options if they were to shut Miller down for the season.

Dr. Chao says the surgery and recovery is a six month process.

In my experience, is it unusual for a wide receiver to be able to finish a season with this type of issue, though as always, I hope Miller can prove me wrong.

Sunday, September 23 - Chicago Bears rookie wide out Anthony Miller caught the first pass of the game from Mitchel Trubisky, and he appeared to injury his shoulder on the tackle. He landed awkwardly and was helped to the sideline while favoring his left arm.

He spent some time in the medical tent and returned to the game.

Late in the third quarter he again had some trouble with his arm after some contact by a Cardinal defensive back, and he was taken to the locker room for a second time.

David J. Chao, MD said this via his Twitter account about the injury. “Appears to sublux/dislocate his left shoulder. Could be a season long deal. Hard to wear a harness and play WR. Ultimately likely to lead to surgery, question of when.”

Josh Bellamy and Kevin White will play in Miller’s absence if he can’t return.

Miller has returned to the sideline again, but the Bears list him as doubtful to return to the game.