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WCG predicts...the 53-man roster: the results

The results are in. Which member of the staff came the closest? You will have to read and find out!

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now that the 53-man roster is official, we can finally answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: who won the WCG predictions?!?! If you missed the article where we made the predictions, you can find that here. In case you missed it, Jacob Infante ended up winning the crown in 2017. Will he defend the throne, or will a new leader emerge?

First things first, let’s see how the WCG faithful saw this shaking out...

It looks like most people figured Lester would sit on the throne, followed closely by newcomer Aaron Leming. Surprisingly not a lot of love for Sam, who came in second place last year. Let’s break it down quick, shall we?


You will see some color coding going on here. The orange are “hits” or correct answers, these are worth a single point (1). The yellow also garner some love, since the players were technically cut, but were also added to the practice squad. So yellows are worth a half point (0.5). Reds are, of course, incorrect answers. So anything red gets you nada.

So for the quarterbacks, we all had Mitchell Trubisky and Chase Daniel making the team, while Sam correctly placed him on the practice squad. Lester was the only dissenter that had him making the team.

Running Backs

Ryan Nall, Taquan Mizzell, and Michael Burton made this a really ugly position group. Jacob was the only one with the foresight to see Burton surviving the guillotine.

Wide Receivers

This is the first of the grey players. When a player ends up on injure reserve, they are basically removed from the count. You can’t really predict injuries, nor could we predict whether or not Marlon Brown is on this team without the injury.

In what is becoming a recurring theme, Jacob has a virtually flawless receiver group, while Lester’s is a bit of a mess. Cutting Joshua Bellamy and placing Javon Wims on the practice squad was a killer here. Patti went big with 8 wide receivers, it doesn’t seem like such a bold move after the Packers did it though.

Tight Ends

This was pretty cut-and-dry here. Adam Shaheen to the injured reserve was a bit surprising and likely would have changed a few selections had we known it at the time. After going through the preseason, Ben Braunecker making the team was well deserved.

Offensive Lineman

Virtually everyone completely missed on both Jordan Morgan and Rashaad Coward. If it wasn’t for that pesky Ryan Pace mucking things up with that Khalil Mack trade, Hroniss Grasu would have made this competition a little more interesting.

Defensive Lineman

There was a lot of concensus on the defensive line as well. Every single one of us missed on John Jenkins, while only Sam nailed the Abdullah Anderson to the practice squad move.

Outside Linebackers

Another position group that didn’t have a lot of variation. Although there were 2 people who guessed it completely correct. I am not going to name names, but it happened.

Inside Linebackers

This is another group that seems to have had close to a consensus. The move that nobody saw coming was Josh Woods to the practice squad. Interesting move here by the Bears. Signing a former college safety that is listed at 205 lbs is a bit interesting. After drafting Roquan Smith and Joel Iyiegbuniwe however, this move seems to line up with the new direction of the team.


After the top 5 names on this list, this is a huge mess. I removed Deiondre’ Hall due to his trade to the Eagles. Kevin Tolliver II was the biggest surprise here, outside of Cre’Von LeBlanc being cut. Aaron and I both called that one, but we also were of the opinion that it would be in favor of Jonathon Mincy. Patti NAILED the 2 practice squad players here though, so kudos are well deserved.


This was pretty clear from the beginning as the Bears only had 5 safeties listed on the roster. Jacob and I both missed on Nick Orr, while Patti had little faith in DeAndre Houston-Carson’s ability to make the roster.


And you get a perfect score on specialists, and you get a perfect score on specialists, and you get a perfect score on specialists! This is like when Oprah was giving away free cars!!

So there you have it. The tallies are in place and we do have a winner. For the second year in a row, Jacob Infante is the winner in the clubhouse. Bringing up the rear, is the “people’s champ,” Lester Wiltfong Jr. The rest of us, well in the immortal words of Ricky Bobby: “if you’re not first, you’re last.”

Not sure what needs to happen here with the whole winner and loser thing, but I am sure that the comments section will give us plenty of great ideas!

Congrats Jacob and Bear Down WCG!