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Chicago Bears 2019: Talking Pagano scheme, free agency, running backs, and more...

In Lester’s latest T Formation Conversation Podcast, he turns the page on the 2018 Chicago Bears and looks ahead to pressing concerns with the 2019 team.

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Alright Bears’ fans, no more being upset at the double doink, it’s time to move on. The ending to the 2018 Bears season wasn’t ideal, but it’s over. It’s time to turn the page because 2019 looks promising. If you want to reflect back on this past season do it with fondness and remember Khalil Mack doing Khalil Mack things, the 6 TD passes against the Buccaneers, the sweep of the Lions, the “Oompa Loompa” and “Santa’s Sleigh” play, knocking the Packers and the Vikings out of the playoffs, winning the NFC North, 4 All-Pros. etc., etc., etc...

Last season was a blast.

Next season will be better.

In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast I touch on a variety of subjects as I turn the page on 2018 and start to get ready for the 2019 season. Here’s a loose outline of the show.

  • A quick reflection on 2018.
  • What Vic Fangio meant to the Bears.
  • How will Chuck Pagano’s defense be different.
  • Any changes to the offensive line in 2019?
  • Jordan Howard’s future.
  • Ed Reed on the coaching staff?
  • Are Eagles’ fans the worst?
  • Will Kareem Hunt be a Bear?

Give the show a listen right here!

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