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2019 Pro Bowl Instant Reaction: Fuller shines and Trubisky struggles in underwhelming 26-7 AFC victory

The Pros brought their C game today and a delivered a game that was predictably less than the sum of its parts!

NFL Pro Bowl
Kyle Fuller beating Danielle Hunter to the tackle on apparently-pro-bowl running back Lamar Miller
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The call it the Pro bowl, and if you didn’t realize these guys were Pros before, you’d know it from this game by all the business decisions being made. Nobody wants to get hurt at the Pro Bowl, and I’m completely on board with the players not tackling hard, but you’d think running hard might be somewhere on the table?

Trubisky might have had some Pro Bowl jitters

Trubisky’s first Pro Bowl experience didn’t go well. He connected on a few underneath throws, and two interceptable throws. The first bad throw came when Trubisky was hit during a throw at the end of the first half. When I saw Cody Whitehair and Charles Leno Jr. on the line for the first play of the 2nd half, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing those Bears on the O-line wouldn’t let their Biscuit get hit again. He rolled out on a bootleg and threw a wobbly rain ball right into what looked like Chris Harris Jr. running a short out route. This may have been rain-related. Maybe he didn’t see Harris, or maybe he forgot which color the NFC and AFC were. I’m sure it’s more counter-intuitive to throw the ball to a Packers receiver than it would be to a Broncos defender.

His next drive was busted by failed trick plays out of Trubisky’s control. First Alvin Kamara floated a flea-flicker pitch back to Biscuit way too high, allowing Jamal Adams ample time to rule-break his way into a sack as soon as the ball got pulled in. Then, skills-challenge golden boy Adam Thielen got a chance to throw a deep pass on a trick play and threw it right into the overeager paws of—you guessed it—Jamal Adams.

His final drive ended on a long 3rd and 5 pass to Davante Adams and Biscuit paid the price for trusting a Packer to fight through a little “uncalled pass interference” and make a play.

My pro bowl MVP hopes for Biscuit may have been premature. At least the league will be sleeping on the Bears’ blossoming weapon for one more off-season.

Dont worry if you saw number 23 underperforming at cornerback

That would have been Detroit Lions defensive standout Darius Slay. If you saw number 23 playing well, that would have been Bears All Pro Kyle Fuller. It’s an easier way to tell the difference than trying to see their faces, the logo on the helmet or the name on the back of the jersey.

Of course the difference was most obvious when Fuller intercepted Andrew Luck for one of the few bright defensive moments for a lackluster NFC team.

Akiem Hicks filled out the the NFC defensive line nicely

And he looked good playing at 75% speed and casually shoving-and-wiggling his way into the backfield to pressure QBs and stop a few runs short.

Eddie Jackson didn’t get a lot of opportunity

Clearly AFC quarterbacks would rather throw in Harrison Smith’s direction than fast Eddie. I can’t say I blame them.

The AFC was so scared of Tarik Cohen, they didn’t punt once

It’s a shame. Chicken Salad could have really added spark to a mostly lifeless game.

Staley Da Bear was hands-down the best dressed mascot

His shirt was a casual blend of Hawaiian and tie-dye influences and I won’t be surprised to hear it changes color with his mood. Classic Ray Ban style sunglasses.

Perfect outfit for a warm rainy day.

The NFC couldn’t unembarrass themselves with offensive players on defense and flashy laterals

We’ve already established that I’m bitter. Maybe I’m just bitter none of the Bears were involved in the fun when Mike Evans intercepted Deshawn Watson and collaborated with Saquon Barkley on a drawn-out game of keep away which led to about a 10 yard gain over at least 80 seconds.