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Bears vs. Eagles Wildcard Preview: X-Factors, pass protection, and more

In Lester’s latest T formation Conversation he quickly recaps the way the Chicago Bears bullied the Vikings in Minnesota before settling in with some Bears vs. Eagles Wildcard preview.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

This is the first time the Chicago Bears have been in the playoffs since 2010, but it’s also the first time since 2010 that I haven’t been writing or talking about what the Bears will do in the NFL Draft or discussing coaching hot seats during the first few days of the new year. I’d rather do this that the other stuff, so if the Bears could make this an annual thing, that’d be great...

In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast I quickly touch on the way the Bears ripped the Vikings’ hearts out of their chests in Minnesota’s must-win game, but then I settle in and get all up into some Bears vs. Eagles playoff preview.

  • The Bears are the hotter team, but are the Eagles hungrier?
  • How much of a help will Matt Nagy’s familiarity with Eagle QB Nick Foles be?
  • Vic Fangio vs. Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy vs. Jim Schwartz
  • Darren Sproles is Philly’s X-Factor
  • How is the Eagles pass protection?
  • And more!

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