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Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles: Wild Card Weekend Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

Join us to discuss the Bears’ first playoff berth since 2010!

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The Bears are in the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

Their first draw is just last year’s Super Bowl champions, no big deal. Hey, nobody said the playoffs were supposed to be easy.

Last year’s Eagles were an interesting story, as after Carson Wentz went down, Nick Foles only earned Super Bowl MVP honors taking a squad of Vegas underdogs with home field advantage throughout the playoffs to a Super Bowl victory.

This year, Foles takes his act on the road to Chicago after the Bears beat the Vikings, enabling the Eagles to reach the playoffs as the #6 seed.

Regardless of the road here, we’re here. Last season means nothing; the regular season means nothing. One game to advance on. Can the Eagles uncork one more bottle of magic Foles dust to push them through the Bears’ defense?

Or can the Navy and Orange use their defensive speed to negate Zack Ertz and the stable of running backs headlined by Darren Sproles? Can Mitchell Trubisky get the ball to Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel against a depleted Eagles secondary? And can a strong interior offensive line negate the very, very good Fletcher Cox?

And can a young Bears team overcome an Eagles team that just last season was in their position?

Let’s find out. The playoffs are here. Bear Down, my friends.


Today’s WCG Sunday Livestream marks a first in our... illustrious history. Much like this current crop of Bears, this is our first foray into the playoffs. Nothing changes; you get the same commentary, same good discussion, same overs and unders thoughtfully provided by our own CloudyFuture, and the same bad Madden you’ve all come to expect.

In short, we’re in playoff form. We hope you are too.

We’ll see you at 9:30 AM CT. Let’s do this.