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Bears Over Beers: How the Bears Got Boiled in London

Chicago took their show on the road... and then forgot all their cues in the first half.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago took one of the top defenses in the NFL on the road to London. By the looks of their play during the first half versus Oakland, the Bears defensive skills must have gotten locked in the boot (“trunk” for us Yanks) of the black cab they took to the shiny new stadium; because they sure didn’t show up ready to play.

Jeff and EJ recap what went wrong and look forward to what the Bears can honestly expect over the rest of the season after the upcoming bye week. They work their way through the remaining schedule and update their predictions based on how Chicago has shown up (or failed to) over the first 5 games.

If that all sounds a little to down and dire for you, don’t forget: there’s beer. Jeff goes back to his roundhouse and EJ mixes something old with something new.

Beers: Jeff - Bad Luck Banana Porter from Fin City Brewing, EJ - Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale from New Belgium Brewing

Drop your thoughts about what the Bears are capable of for the rest of 2019 down in the comments section, or reach out on Twitter:

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