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WCG Sunday Livestream: Bears-Less NFL Week 6

The Bears limp into the bye at 3-2, and have serious questions to answer about their place in a suddenly difficult NFC North.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The Bears probably didn’t expect to be in this situation in Week 6.

Currently, last year’s NFC North champions sit at 3-2, tied for 3rd with the Vikings by winning percentage and behind the Lions (2-1-1) and Packers (4-1), with games against the Saints, Chargers and Eagles coming straight out of the bye. The Offense 202 looks more like the “How Not to Play Football in Madden” grade school course, and the Bears’ vaunted defense got punched in the mouth hard by the Raiders’ running game. Meanwhile, the Lions look improved, having taken the Chiefs to a tight game in the fourth quarter, and the Packers’ defense looks much better than anticipated (and they still have Aaron Rodgers).

Where does this leave the Bears? With a tight, tough schedule the rest of the way out and already looking up at two division rivals, can the Bears right the ship and push for the playoffs for consecutive seasons?

We’ll answer that and much more on this week’s Bye Week edition of the WCG Sunday Livestream. Want to chime in?

We’ll be live at about 9:30 AM CT. See you then.