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Bears disappoint for second game in a row with 36 - 25 loss to Saints

The Bears offense and special teams achieve new lows and the defense eventually lost control.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
This isn’t going to go well...

This wasn’t how you want your team to play at home against a team missing its two most important offensive players. The Bears made a lot of mistakes and didn’t make a lot of plays. The Saints defense is legitimately good, but the Bears offense looks legitimately bad.

Box Score

The Bears defense couldn’t hold up the whole game

The defense held up well during the first half, only giving up points when the offense or special teams put them in awful position. But after repeatedly having to bounce back onto the field after only three plays of rest, they clearly tired out. At one point the Bears offense had 16 offensive plays in 6 drives. Yes, that’s less than three plays a drive thanks to David Montgomery’s fumble.

Special teams remain a thorn in the Bears’ paw

Yes, Cordarrelle Patterson had a 102 yard touchdown return. But the Bears had two punts blocked and gave up a punt return touchdown that was luckily called back. All in the first half. I’m no special teams expert, but I’m starting to wonder how much of an expert Chris Tabor is...

I guess we can’t blame all the run game problems on Kyle Long

Long’s replacement Rashaad Coward came in and played well considering he was an undrafted defensive tackle two years ago, but the offensive line continued to struggle to make gaps and the Bears backs struggled to make yards.

Trubisky isn’t getting a lot of help, but he isn’t helping himself either

He’s definitely in his head. I suspect he’s aware of the mounting criticism against him and its weighing on him rather than motivating. He was especially inaccurate on third down throws. Matt Nagy gestured to him to calm down early in the game. I think maybe he should have repeated that before every play. With an anemic running game and a few unfortunate drops, Biscuit certainly couldn’t get into a rhythm. He did play well during the garbage drives at the end of the game. Part of that was the Saints defense softening, but he definitely loosened up, made quick decisions and executed without thinking. If he can find his way into that mindset when the game is still attainable, this season will go a lot more smoothly.

Bears get their first fumble of the season

And their second. At least the offense is putting up numbers in one category.

The defense definitely misses Akiem Hicks

The good news is, this proves Hicks is a valuable player. The bad news is, he’s on IR. Ho-hum running back Latavius Murray managed to near 5 yards a carry and Teddy “Theodore” Bridgewater had too much time when the Bears weren’t blitzing. Get well soon, big Bear!

Allen Robinson is still performing well as the offense crumbles around him

Good Bear.

So 14 and 2 is out.