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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears hit a season low

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

I really thought the low point of the 2019 Chicago Bears season was going to be that loss to the Oakland Raiders in London a few weeks ago. But then the Saints game happened. It wasn’t simply the loss that irked me, it was the way in which they lost. Getting blown out at home by an undermanned team, after a bye week, and after the Packers and Vikings already won in impressive fashion earlier in the day was brutal.

Nothing went right for the Bears on Sunday and even though they’re at an identical 3-3 record like in 2018, this year it feels like the bottom is falling out on the season.

Let’s see what some in the national media think about the Bears... dropped them all the way to 15th from 9 a week ago.

Sunday’s loss started with a blocked punt, and that was just the beginning of the misfortune for the Bears. Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago offense were getting booed off the field by the home crowd midway through the second quarter, and the Saints -- playing without Drew Brees or Alvin Kamara -- built an insurmountable three-score lead before the fourth quarter began. How bad were the Bears prior to some garbage-time production? The Saints picked up four first downs on their final touchdown drive late in the third quarter -- as many first downs as the Bears offense had gained in the entire game to that point. Chicago’s offense has no downfield element to it, and even worse, Trubisky is clearly pressing as the pressure mounts on his shoulders. He’s taken a big step back in his third season ... how long can Matt Nagy stand by the former No. 2 overall pick?

ESPN keeps the Bears at 16th.

Recalibrated expectation: To go 8-8

The Bears no longer resemble a playoff team -- not with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback. Chicago’s offense ranks 30th in total yards per game, 30th in yards per play, 28th in passing yards per game and 28th in rushing yards per game. That’s not expected to change anytime soon -- even if Matt Nagy eventually pulls the plug on Trubisky in favor of Chase Daniel. -- Jeff Dickerson

CBS Sports has Chicago at 16 this week too.

Their offense is woeful at times and just won’t allow them to win many games. The defense hasn’t been as good the past two games either, which makes Sunday’s game against the Chargers a must-win for both teams.

Yahoo Sports has the Bears ranked like this.

15. Chicago Bears (3-3, LW: 11)

The Bears’ loss to the Saints was bad. It’s just as troubling that their focus after the game seemed to be lashing out against negative comments by the media and on Twitter. You don’t see many good teams get that sensitive when people point out they looked terrible after a terrible game.

Here’s how the Sporting News has it.

19. Chicago Bears, 3-3 (18)

When the Bears don’t play good defense and can’t run the ball, they’re in trouble, because it puts games on the right arm of Mitchell Trubisky. They have a few schedule breaks coming up, but they need their third-year QB to play a lot better for that to matter.

The Washington Post has it like this...

19. Chicago Bears (3-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 15

Is it time to wonder if it simply is not going to come together this season for the Bears? Yes, some of it is on QB Mitchell Trubisky. But not all of it.