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Jahns: You need to bring in competition at quarterback

Adam Jahns joins Bears Banter and breaks down the debacle that is the Chicago Bears.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the latest episode of Bill Zimmerman’s Bears Banter Podcast and he’s joined by Chicago Bears beat writer from The Athletic, Adam Jahns.

Zimmerman starts the podcast addressing the various issues facing this team, especially at quarterback, where the gloves are off and it’s over for Mitchell Trubisky as far as Zimmerman is concerned.

Jahns joins and gives some fantastic insight about the issues surrounding the team including Matt Nagy’s scheme, Trubisky’s poor play, the nonexistent running game, the struggles defensively, and if this locker room is about to fracture.

There is plenty of blame to go around and while Jahns does not put all the blame on Trubisky, he sees enough alarming trends to state what needs to be said: “You need to bring in some form of competition [at quarterback].”

Check out the full podcast below to hear Jahns’ great insight on the Bears and Zimmerman on the cusp of a mental breakdown.