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Should the Bears make a deal at the NFL trade deadline?

We examine a couple trade ideas floated by

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With the Chicago Bears sitting at three wins and three losses, their season’s direction could hinge on how they play on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. If they bounce back from their consecutive stinkers against the Raiders and Saints, it’s possible that they hold steady with their roster and look to keep tweaking things internally to ready themselves for a stretch run to get back in the NFC playoff picture. We already know the national perception is down on Chicago as evidenced by the Power Rankings (How are they actually calculated?), but an impressive win could help boost the narrative into a more positive place.

But if they look bad for a third straight game, desperation could set in for general manager Ryan Pace and they could be buyers at Tuesday’s (October 29) trade deadline.

Losing to the Chargers at home, with another awful performance on offense, could lead to a veteran quarterback being added to try to salvage the season. It could also lead Pace to try to unload some players that have no future in Chicago beyond this season.

Marc Sessler, Around the NFL Writer for, recently floated a trade idea for each AFC team and his Tennessee Titans idea involved the Bears.

TENNESSEE TITANS: Sell quarterback Marcus Mariota. Why not? His Titans career is essentially curtains after being benched for Ryan Tannehill. With zero leverage inside the organization, Mariota could use a fresh start. What if a team like the Bears came calling? Chicago should feel equally suspicious of Mitchell Trubisky, so why not get frisky and throw a pick Tennessee’s way to find out if Mariota might loom as a veteran fit? The odds of this happening are low, but the alternative is watching Mariota walk out the door for nothing mere months from now. Potential compensation: 2020 Day 3 pick.

If a day three draft pick is really all it would take to get Mariota, then I think that’s a deal the Bears should make regardless of how Mitchell Trubisky plays on Sunday. Mariota will be a free agent after the 2019 season, and if the Bears are serious about adding competition to the quarterback position in 2020, then he’s a guy they could be interested it signing. So why not get an early look at his work ethic, football IQ, and aptitude for the cost of a low round draft pick. did an NFC version of their trade idea article and Jeremy Bergman had this to say about the Bears.

CHICAGO BEARS: Buy running back Kenyan Drake. Seven carries a game ain’t gonna cut it. Paced by David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen, the Bears’ 28th-ranked running game needs a reinvention. Enter Drake, whom Miami has been dangling as trade bait for a while now. Over the last two weeks, Mark Walton has earned more touches than the former third-rounder. A move to the Windy City won’t take a Miami miracle. Potential compensation: 2020 seventh-round pick and 2021 third-round pick.

I’m not too keen on this idea, especially if it would cost a couple picks. Drake would be a nice fit for a competent Chicago offense, but right now how does he help?

What do you guys think about either of these trades?

Is there another guy you’d like to see the Bears make a move for?

Is there a current Bear you’d like to see shopped for a future draft pick?