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Can the Bears win with Mitch Trubisky?

In his current state, can the Bears signal caller create enough on offense for Chicago to come out on top?

Brad Biggs: Mitch Trubisky and the trade up to draft him has never looked worse. Can the Bears straighten him out? Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

In this episode of Bears Over Beers EJ and Lester recap the loss to Saints at home and then dig into the major issue at hand: with Mitch Trubisky in his current state, can the Bears win with him behind center?

What happened to the Mitch we saw rising up at the end of last season and driving the Bears to within a whisker of the NFC championship? Where is the polished passer we saw confidently commanding the huddle and distributing the ball with ease throughout training camp? Can Mitch regain enough of his former form to guide the the Bears to victory, or is it the end of a (short) era and time for the Monsters of the Midway to reload at QB and start the climb over again? Is a trade or a free agent import then short-term solution? The guys mull over all these scenarios and more.

After that bit of franchise soul searching (and a short break) they head into preview the upcoming game with the Chargers and trying to drum up reasons for optimism looking at the rest of the season. To round it all out, EJ chides Lester for bringing a knife (iced tea) to a gunfight (a podcast focused around malted beverages), and gives of a recap of an excellent limited edition brew.

Beer: EJ - Limited Edition Eastside Story Collaboration Ale - Black Raven Brewing

Other: Lester - Home-brewed Iced Tea

Keep up the podcast on Twitter @bearsoverbeers , with EJ @thedraftsmanFB , with Lester @wiltfongjr , and with Jeff (even in his absence) @gridironborn Feel free to drop your thoughts on the Saints Game, Mitch’s future, or the upcoming Chargers game in the comments section below. Thanks for listening!