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Best Bets: Bears-Chargers, totals, survivor picks and more

Unlike the Bears, our bettors have a winning record

NFL: OCT 20 Saints at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Despite many fans thinking that the Bears are in a full-on nosedive with the season unraveling, they remain favorites week in and week out. And that’s with what is one of the four worst offenses in the league.

Maybe that’s the product of their opponent. They welcome in the 2-5 Chargers that are reeling, dealing with injuries and losers of their last three games.

But picking the Bears seems crazy right now given the way they’ve played the last two games.

Looking back, Sam once again picked against the beloved and had it pay off, but Jeff came empty, missing on the spread and the total. Sam also missed on the total so he wasn’t alone.

In the survivor pool, we lost three more and are down to 30, with just seven still strike free. Only one person picked up a strike (make your picks TJ Go Big) last week.

In the Pick ‘Ems, The Moose takes over as our leader, tied with Monster Hicks Picks, t4m8shn, WhiteH2O and CoachClem02. Sam is back in ninth with 51 points, leading the WCG pack ahead of Lester and Jeff, who are tied at 49 in 11th and 12th.

Bet well, my friends.

Bears (-4) vs. Chargers (O/U 41)

Sunday, noon, FOX

Sam: It’s rough for the Bears, but the Chargers could be a get-right game. That is, if you actually think that they can get it right. Which is a very separate proposition.

I am not actually trusting the Bears to do much here. How can anyone? Granted, the defense should have a shot against a decimated Chargers offensive line to get the pressure on the quarterback that’s been missing.

The Bears have covered five of the last six times the teams have met, winning outright each time. The Chargers haven’t won in Chicago since 1970.

But let’s face it, none of this is really changing my mind. I think the Chargers, even if they don’t win outright, will cover the four points.

Despite the last two Bears games going over, I think that the under is still the only play on the total. Neither offense is lighting anyone up and the Chargers’ pass defense is fifth best, which doesn’t bode well for Trubisky getting back on track.

For the survivor pool, I am going chalk by picking the Steelers. At 2-4 the Steelers aren’t an attractive pick, but drawing the Dolphins makes it the chalk. It also strikes me as the only time I’ll really feel good about picking the Roethlisberger-less Steelers for the season. The team I initially considered picking was the Saints at home against the Cardinals.

Picks: Chargers +4, Under 41, Steelers (survivor)

Bears record: 7-4 (4-2 ATS)

Jeff: Call me crazy, but I think the Bears come out with a fire against the Chargers. It seems like a lost season in LA but the 3-3 Bears still have a chance to rebound. Give me the Bears to rebound and round back into form. As for the over under, I’ve been taking the under a lot and if my above statement is true, it’ll be led by the defense. Let me have the under one more time.

Survivor I’m taking the Vikings so hopefully that worked out...

Picks: Bears -4, Under 41, Vikings (survivor)

Bears record: 4-7

Sam: The last bit of Bears odds I wanted to know what you, Jeff, thought about hedging any preseason Bears Super Bowl bets. The Bears’ playoff odds spiked as they fell to 3-3, according to, from Yes -140/No +110 in the preseason to Yes +250/No -300. Jacob wrote about their division and Super Bowl odds spiking as well. My question is: will you be hedging any of your preseason bets by taking out a ‘no’ ticket? I know you were all-in before the year and I know both of us have (admittedly small) amounts on Bears Super Bowl winner tickets. I think I will hedge my bet and hope that maybe I can reverse jinx them or something. Or are you going to double down and take the longer odds and hope you’re laughing all the way to the bank come January and February?

Jeff: Hedging my bets? Nah, not me personally. You’d have to bet quite a lot at -300 to hedge compared to what was put up and honestly, I don’t bet very much money to begin with so I’m not interested in chasing it. Plus, I’m feeling pretty good about my Baltimore and Houston bets to even me out.