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Bears establish the run, approach offensive mediocrity, and lose on a field goal in 17 16 home loss to Chargers

Hey, at least it was a career day for David Montgomery.

Los Angeles Chargers v Chicago Bears
Mitch Trubisky establishing the hell out of the run with another hand-off to Montgomery.

The Bears entered this game with a lot of doubt surrounding their offense. Today they showed some baby steps of improvement. This isn’t a situation where slow incremental improvement will get the job done.

Smothering start

The Bears only allowed one first down to the Chargers in the first five drives. This is still a great-looking defense, they just can’t always carry the team on their own when the offense doesn’t give them time to rest.

So we got a little something in the run game?

The Chargers have been one of the worst run defenses over the past few weeks, but throughout the first half, they were able to stuff Bears at the line repeatedly. No doubt to Nagy’s displeasure, the I formation plays proved to be the most successful, and he eventually gave in to what was working against this Chargers soft run defense and made adjustments that paid off a second half touchdown drive. I’ll call this game something to build on.

Are Anthony Miller and Trubisky building some chemistry?

It started to look like it in the first half. Maybe not.

First half red zone

Believe it or not, the Bears entered this game with over 60% touchdown conversion percentage in the red zone. I haven’t done the math, but I’m pretty sure today’s first half brought them under 10%. Today’s red zone adventures served as a magnification of the Bears 2019 offense, and it feels like both Nagy and Trubisky can’t get out of their own heads and can’t get out of their own way.

Oopsy Biscuit

Trubisky certainly didn’t make any new fans with a 4th quarter overthrow-then-fumble combo that led to a Chargers touchdown.

Keenan Allen consistently bailed out the Bears defense

And we’re all very grateful. Unfortunately, it proved too little too late.

Staley looks good in orange

No surprise there.

You’ve gotta love Montgomery’s tenacity

That Bear does not give up. It was great to see him get so many opportunities to push, pull, and drag Chargers for some significant extra yards.

Mack and Big Eddie with a huge sack

Sometimes you have to find joy in the small things. Other times you find it in the biggest defensive tackle on the Bears teaming up with Khalil Mack and smoshing Philip Rivers down for a big sack in an otherwise dismal fourth quarter.

Remember that clutch thing with Trubisky?

It’s still hanging around in there, and Biscuit’s last minute drive put the Bears in position to win. Good news for those of us still hoping his career can blossom. Bad news for people who are eager to move on.

Oh Bears. What do we do with you?