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“The Bears can win a Super Bowl if [Trubisky] is Trent Dilfer”

In Bill Zimmerman’s latest Bears Banter Podcast, ESPN’s Jason Fitz feels Bears Defense is good enough to win Super Bowl on their own.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

A packed Bears Banter Podcast has dropped with two excellent guests. ESPN’s Jason Fitz, who happens to be a huge Oakland Raiders fan, joins the podcast to give a national media perspective on the Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky, and their stellar defense and Fitz is all-in on this team.

“If Mitch Trubisky can be Alex Smith... if he can become that, because I think that’s his ceiling, can the Bears win a Super Bowl?” questioned Zimmerman.

“I think the Bears can win a Super Bowl if he just turns out to be Trent Dilfer... I genuinely think he can turn out to be an “eh” quarterback and they can still win a Super Bowl this year and they can still win a Super Bowl moving forward because for as much as we just talked about their defense we left out one important thing, they’re not an aging defense either so they’re going to be good for awhile and that’s going to give him more opportunity to develop,” replied Fitz.

To hear this great conversation, check out the podcast, but that’s not all!

Frank Caliendo also joins for a hilarious interview as “Jon Gruden” tells us how he feels about the Khalil Mack trade, plus you’ll hear from Charles Barkley, Adam Schefter, Jim Rome, Jay Glazer, John Madden, Morgan Freeman and more!