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Bears’ fans haven’t bottomed out yet

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There are still two fanbases that are less confident in the direction of their favorite team than Chicago Bears’ fans are. So chin up Bears’ fans, it could be worse. We could be a part of the group that roots for Atlanta or Washington, which are at a 5% and 0% confidence level respectively. Then again, those teams only have one win each, so I would hope our fans were more confident in the direction our franchise was headed.

Even though our voting was more positive, we’re still swimming around the bottom of the barrel as our FanPulse results were down a smidge from last week’s 9% to only 8% this week.

We’re tied with fans of the 1 win New York Jets (8%) just ahead of fans of the winless Cincinnati Bengals (9%), so with a 3-4 record our favorite team has as many wins as the other 4 teams in the bottom 5 of SB Nation’s FanPulse.

Is the future really that bleak in Chicago or are several of us just voicing our displeasure at the current state of the franchise?

I’m sure a lot of our discontent is due to the fact that we expected this team to be a Super Bowl contender, and we’re not getting anything that resembles a championship caliber team.

Next up for the Bears is the surging Philadelphia Eagles (in Philly), so the FanPulse may take another hit next week...

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