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WCG Fantasy Tournament 1st Quarter Recap

4 weeks down, 12 to go in the battle for the shirt!

In fantasy, as in life, “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it”.

It’s been a topsy turvy start to the NFL season, and that instability has certainly trickled into our 60 person Fantasy Football tournament. Consensus #1 overall pick Saquon Barkley went down with injury, while mid-rounder Austin Ekeler is a top 3 back. 1st round WR Nuk Hopkins is currently a WR3, while Cooper Kupp, fresh off an ACL tear, is the #1 WR in Fantasy. George Kittle has yet to crack double digit fantasy points, while Will Dissly and Darren Waller tear up the league. Patrick Mahomes, well, he continues to be Patrick Mahomes. But Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Big Ben have gone down with injury, while Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson are currently QB2s. It’s been... weird.

As you can see from the draft results across the Tournament, things have not exactly worked out as planned for a lot of teams:

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But, as the legendary Memphis Raines once said, “Without disappointment, you cannot appreciate victory”. The good teams will always battle back.

Current Standings through Week 4

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So far, all 5 divisions are pretty competitive. Across the entire Tournament, there are only 4 undefeated teams, and 5 winless teams. Which means 51 teams have between 1 and 3 wins through 4 games. That’s pretty dang good in a tournament this size. Basically, at this point, it’s still anyone’s game!

Top Scoring Teams Through 4 Weeks

  1. Bear0811 (Maserati Monsters) - 578
  2. TJGobig (Kwit’n Iggy Smith It - 576
  3. runningman24 (no team name) - 552
  4. TrubiskandWhiskey (no team name) - 530
  5. Lester Wiltfong (no team name) - 521
  6. Finyards (Spaceballs Da Team) - 517
  7. GentlemanHalas (12 Angry Bears) - 515
  8. Jeff Berckes (Peanut Punchers) - 514
  9. BearDown1 (Danny’s Coffee House) - 510
  10. Nomad30 (Lights, Kamara, Action) – 508

Through 4 weeks, each of the top 10 scoring teams have over 500 points (including our own Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. and Jeff Berckes). That means each of these teams is averaging more than 125 points per week. That’s a hell of a start, and as of now, these are most likely the teams to beat for the Tournament Championship. Halas Division appears to be the toughest, with 4 teams appearing on this list (Bear0811, Finyards, GentlemanHalas, BearDown1), followed by Payton and Ditka with 3 each, Butkus with 1, and the easiest Division looks like Sayers, which didn’t land a single team in the top 10.

Odds and ends

Looking at the waiver wire, some interesting things jump out. Most teams have been fairly active, but there are still 19 teams who have yet to spend a single dime of their FAAB budget, and one team who has already burned through their entire season long bank. That team is Sandbag85, who spent his entire $100 budget picking up the likes of John Ross after week 1 ($50), Darrel Williams after week 3 ($25), and Dontrelle Inman and Nelson Agholor ($8, $17) after week 4.

Also, as a quick reminder, these are the fabulous prizes everyone is competing for:

Division Champions get a handsome vinyl sticker with their Division logo:

The overall Tournament Champion gets a custom illustrated shirt:

And everyone else gets ridicule and regret, as is our custom in Fantasy Football. Great first quarter everyone, and good luck to all heading into the second! As always, Bear Down.

WhiskeyRanger is a freelance graphic artist/content creator an avid Bears fan and apparently speaks in the third person. You can follow him on Twitter @WhiskeyRanger29, and check him out on Youtube at WhiskeyRanger.


How are you feeling after the first quarter of the fantasy season?

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    I mean, it’s not going great. It’s a team effort, and it took my entire team working together to start this poorly.
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    This is fine. Everything is fine. *quietly sobs amidst the flames*
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