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Bears unable to bounce back from a hauntingly-awful first half and lose 24-21 to the Raiders in London

The United Kingdom is not a natural habitat for bears and it showed with the Bears worst defensive performance of the year.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders - NFL International Series - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Anthony Miller hauls in a thoroughly contested pass to bring the Bears into the red zone amidst their 3rd quarter revival.

The Bears showed up for one of four quarters and apparently that wasn’t enough.

Box score

Get well soon, Akiem Hicks!

This Bear can’t catch a break. After giving 196% all week rehabbing his knee injury, he gets inadvertently headbutted in the elbow by Khalil Mack in the first quarter. I’m no orthopedist, but that looked like more than a funny bone zinger to me. The run defense clearly missed him.

Throw out that Bactrim because CD4 is bouncing back!

In case it’s not super obvious, this headline is a terrific pun based on the fact that people with low CD4 counts are prescribed Bactrim to prevent pneumocystis pneumonia and Chase Daniel #4 started low but then rose to an acceptable height. Daniel started off looking limited and on the Bears second drive, he threw an inexcusable pick which led to a Raiders touchdown. The second half, he made better decisions, got away with some risky throws, and led a few actual touchdown drives. #ChasingGreatness

Montgomery showed off some solid paws

CD4 threw an ill-advised contested pass to David Montgomery early in the first, and our rookie running back wrestled it away from corner back Gareon Conley. He also managed to thump the pigskin into the end zone for the Bears first touchdown. Good Bear.

Anthony Miller reminds us why we were excited about him

With his highlight of the night pulling in an ill-advised deep contested pass from CD4. He was open frequently despite his low box score completions.

Bears missing tackles like I’m missing Akiem Hicks

Nobody’s laughing, Ha Ha Dix. You gotta wrap those Raiders up and bring them all the way to the ground.

About that line of scrimmage...

The Bears were wrangled all day by a bunch of Raider scrubs and it’s terribly embarrassing.

Allen Robinson’s talent finally shows up on your fantasy scoreboard

This Bear has been consistently stellar all season. He finally pawed in two touchdowns and single-handedly set in motion the inevitable resurrection of my fantasy season.

That’s my Coh Coh!

Tarik Cohen had a decent offensive performance, picking up small gains behind some uninspired blocks, but he really showed his stuff on a momentum-shifting 71 yard punt return that brought the Bears into the red zone and set up an AR12 tuddy.

McMannis with the peanut punch!

Don’t check my math on this, but it seems like Sherrick McManis has been on this team long enough that he must have played with Charles Tillman. He certainly learned a thing or two and showed it with a beautiful touchdown-saving honey-roasted peanut punch in the 4th quarter.

I could complain about some Bears penalties

But the zebras gave us a freebie with a silly little roughing the passer penalty against Maurice Hurst. Gotta protect those QBs!

The Raiders came to play. The Bears didn’t seem to expect that.