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NFL Power Rankings: Bears are 3-2 just like a year ago

We take a gander at some power rankings to see how they rank the Chicago Bears this week.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Even though the Chicago Bears are sitting with an identical 3-2 record to a year ago, this year feels different because of the expectations that came along with being the defending division champs. Last year’s 3-2 record after a last place finish in 2017 was a breath of fresh air, but this year’s 3-2 record is a disappointment due to the Super Bowl aspirations surrounding the team.

The Bears have a bye next before hosting the New Orleans Saints on October 20, so they’ll have plenty of time to self scout to figure out what ails them so far.

Let’s take a look around the inter-webs to gauge how the “experts” feel about the Bears in this week’s Power Rankings. has the Bears down 6 to number 11.

What a disappointing performance in London by the Bears, who fell behind by 17 points at halftime, rallied all the way back to take the lead, then allowed the Raiders to march 97 yards for the game-winning score in the fourth quarter. That type of march -- led by the middling Raiders, no less -- is not supposed to happen against the Bears’ defense, which is supposed to be the best the NFC has to offer. You can perhaps write the lapse off to an uncomfortable environment, but the Bears’ running game isn’t working on either side of the Atlantic. Chicago must do a lot better than 3.4 yards per carry (29th in the NFL) to ground-and-pound their way to victory while Mitch Trubisky recovers from his shoulder injury.

About that shoulder injury... the latest rumor making the round sis that he’ll be back for the Saints game.

ESPN has the Bears down 9 spots to 13, and they talk about fantasy football this week while doing so.

Surprise fantasy player: David Montgomery, RB

Montgomery’s fantasy value has decreased because the Bears can’t do much right on offense. Eventually, though, Montgomery is expected to break through and become a focal point. As head coach Matt Nagy feels more pressure to turn Chicago’s quarterbacks into game managers, the Bears’ focus will turn more to the run game, for which Montgomery is the only true three-down back on the roster. Montgomery is too talented not to have a serious fantasy impact. -- Jeff Dickerson

Here’s how Yahoo Sports has it this week.

10. Chicago Bears (3-2, LW: 8)

Chase Daniel has had a truly fascinating career. He has received endless praise, often cited as a top-tier backup. He has made more than $34 million in career salary. But he has never played particularly well in the NFL, which seems important. He has seven career touchdowns, five interceptions and an 88.6 passer rating over 10 seasons. Yet, we’re probably still not done hearing how Daniel was totally worth that big new deal he just signed, because he’s such a good backup. I’m not sure there has been another player who has been paid more and received more praise for doing so little. (And yes, I’m not dropping the Bears too much because they were playing in London with their backup quarterback and lost a very close game. They’ll bounce back.)

Here’s what Sports Illustrated thinks.


Previous rank: 9

Points in poll: 136

Highest-place vote: 12 (1 voter)

Lowest-place vote: 19 (2 voters)

Last week’s result: Lost to Oakland, 24-21

This week: Bye

The D is legit, but they will be hamstrung by one of the league’s worst offenses. The four teams with fewer points scored than the Bears this season are a combined 0-18.

CBS Sports dropped the Bears 5 sports to 15 overall.

What happened on that trip to London? They hardly resembled the Bears team known for defense. They just haven’t had that Super feel this season.

The Sporting News moved the Bears down to 16th from 9 a week ago.

The Bears’ offense took some lumps with Chase Daniel, and the QB was made even more uncomfortable without the usual dominant support of Khalil Mack and the defense against the Raiders. Chicago’s inability to run the ball effectively and consistently also isn’t helping those complementary causes.

What do you guys think?

Any of these experts nail it with their assessment?