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It’s time to shutdown Kyle Long for the year

Kyle Long’s body has betrayed him. It’s time.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In Bill Zimmerman’s latest Bears Banter Podcast, he’s joined by the Big Chief of Windy City Gridiron, Lester Wiltfong. The guys have an excellent conversation about the struggles the team had against the Oakland Raiders and also discuss the dirty play of Oakland’s offensive line led by Richie Incognito.

Lester and Bill also take a deeper dive into the struggles of the offensive line, where they can improve, and discuss the difficult conclusion that it’s time for Kyle Long to be shut down for the year. Long’s an all-time great Bear, but it has become clear that the mind is willing, but the body is not.

Nobody likes an early bye week, but for the Bears, it probably couldn’t come at a better time. Check out the podcast below and gear up for another Bears Banter next week before the Bears play a huge game against the New Orleans Saints!