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Livestream Q&A: Bears @ Raiders

Robert S. talks through Sunday’s Chicago Bears game live while taking questions from an online audience and breaking down as many plays as possible.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders
Allen Robinson is the best
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Editor: Robert posted his video so late last night that we wanted to re-rack it tonight in case you may have missed it, and while you’re here watching his video you can consider this your Thursday Night Football Open Thread. Enjoy...

I’m not gonna lie, the Chicago Bears’ game in London this past Sunday was hard to watch. Not only did the Bears come out flat on offense, but they also got pushed around on defense by an Oakland team that most (including me) had honestly counted out well before the season started. The Bears rallied late, scoring 21 third quarter points and even taking the lead, but the Raiders answered in the fourth quarter by driving 97 yards for a TD and forcing a backbreaking Chase Daniel interception. Like I said, it was hard to watch.

Ultimately, this left me with a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to put a video together, so I decided instead to try doing a livestream — over an hour and a half I talked about tons of Bears topics, including...

  • Why Jon Gruden was so successful against Chuck Pagano’s defense
  • How the Raiders attacked Eddie Goldman and the Bears’ defensive line
  • General thoughts on the offensive line’s performance
  • Why I’m so impressed with Allen Robinson
  • What I think of Matt Nagy as a coach
  • And much, much more...

Check the stream out below and let me know what you think!

As you can likely see, the stream is much longer than my usual videos, so feel free to break it up however you want. Also, the NFL copyright-claimed the stream due to approximately 30 seconds of kickoff footage, so unfortunately the “live chat replay” seems to be disabled — this means that a few of my live comments may not make much sense, but the overwhelming majority of the stream was spoken independently from what was said on the chat so the content is still good.

But enough from me, what did you think of Sunday’s game against the Raiders? Who stood out to you?