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Bears offense intermittently effective in 20 - 13 victory over Lions

The Bears offense may not have an identity, but at least it has some points this week.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears
Did this touchdown throw to Ben Braunecker spark the great Chicago offensive revival of 2019?

Now that the season’s out of reach, the Bears are starting to set some building blocks for their offense. Some might say this is too little too late, but I’m delighted by the prospect that Bears games might not be painful to watch for the rest of the season.

Box Score

I feel for Trubisky

This offense has been stalling on all cylinders. It can't be easy to deal with bad snaps, dropped balls, and leaky linemen. In one of the first plays he yelled "kill" like four times gesturing to Tarik Cohen before Coh Coh finally realized he had to motion to the backfield. I'm impressed he's able to keep a good attitude knowing that all of the little mistakes just make the mounting chorus of Biscuit critique louder.

Kwiatkowski looked comically slow in his first snap

Coming in after Danny Trevathan's injury, he “chased” a receiver in coverage like he was still jogging on to the field. He went on to play a decent game, but you definitely notice the difference in speed. Nice for a chuckle in an otherwise dismal first quarter.

Ryan Nall is an eager little gunner

If he can learn to tackle people all the way to the ground, he may prove to add more to this team than Mike Davis did.

For a while, it almost looked like we were watching a real NFL offense

Starting with the Bears last drive in the first half, it started to look like moving the ball was actually easier than not moving the ball. The confusing part of it is this was before garbage time. Or maybe it was the beginning of season garbage time! That’s a nice thought. Maybe we’ll get garbage-time Trubisky for the rest of the season.

How adequate does the offense have to get before we start worrying about the kicker again

While we’ve been griping about Trubisky, Nagy, and the offensive free fall, Eddy Pineiro has sneakily been perfecting his Cody Parkey impression.

Nick Williams is doing a pretty nice Akiem Hicks impression

At least when it comes to interior pass-rush. Williams has been able to take advantage of the wholes Mack opens up on several occasions now, racking up his 6th sack today. It’s nice for him and sad for everyone else that he leads the team with that number.

Here is your weekly reminder that Allen Robinson is a consistent superstar

Love that Bear.

It’s kind of a bad day for the people who’ve given up on Trubisky

Biscuit was far from infallible today, but he had one of his better games all season. He certainly gave the Bears something to cling on to as they consider his long-term future with the team. It may be just one game, but the fact that he didn’t continue spiraling down is a big deal.

Who else is down for 11 and 5 and missing the playoffs?