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Should Bears fans be worried about Mitchell Trubisky’s pocket presence?

In his latest video, Robert S. takes a hard look at Trubisky’s pocket presence by analyzing the 5 sacks the Bears’ offense took in Sunday’s game against the Lions.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears’ offense has displayed two surprisingly specific trends over the last three games:

  1. If Trubisky completed a pass for at least a 16 yard gain during a drive, that drive ended in either scored points or a missed field goal from make-able range.
  2. If Trubisky was sacked at any point in a drive, that drive ended immediately within the same series the sack occurred.

These trends seem to drive home two main points: the Bears’ offense produces best when making gains through the air and, more importantly, the offense is simply not good enough to recover from negative plays like sacks. And while you can build on the first trend by trying to push the ball downfield more to create those 16+ yard gains, the second bullet is much more complicated to fix — the Bears are, simply put, taking too many sacks right now, and based on both what I’m seeing in the film room and what Lester is seeing in his Sackwatch series it seems that Mitchell Trubisky is largely the problem.

In this short video, I take a quick look at the five sacks that the Bears allowed on Sunday, focusing specifically on the late 4th quarter sack that Trubisky took on 3rd & 11 late in the game. I talk through the various ways that these sacks could’ve been avoided while also explaining exactly what better play from the pocket would do for this struggling offense — check it out below and let me know what you think!

What do you think about Mitch’s pocket presence? Do you think this is something that he can fix?

For breakdowns on all 5 sacks, check out Lester’s Sackwatch here: