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Parkins: Did Pace ignore Watson to spite Fox?

Danny Parkins joined the Bears Banter Podcast and had some harsh criticisms for Ryan Pace.

NFL: Preseason-Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The latest episode of the Bears Banter Podcast has arrived and the guest is a fantastic one- The Score’s Danny Parkins!

Parkins and Bill Zimmerman take a deep dive into the Chicago Tribune’s article into the selection of Mitchell Trubisky and both Parkins and Zimmerman have serious problems with Ryan Pace choosing to ignore Deshaun Watson as even a possibility to quarterback the Chicago Bears.

What was the reason for Pace’s decision? It’s impossible to know, but Parkins wonders if the reason Pace didn’t take a look at Watson, is because John Fox liked the Clemson product.

Parkins questioned, “Did he not look as hard at Deshaun Watson as he should have because John Fox told him to? Was he just so prideful, smug, arrogant, independent, whatever adjective you want to frame it as, the most negative or the most beneficial interpretation of what happened, was Ryan Pace too anti-Fox that he just became anti-Watson and he never even considered the possibility because that is such a tremendous failure of an executive.”

That quote is only the tip of the iceberg, check out a great conversation with one of the top talk show hosts in Chicago! Check out the podcast below!