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L.A. Confidential: How the Bears can Beat the Rams

The guys recap the Bears win over the Lions, have an airing of grievances, and lay out keys to success against the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Can we be honest? A few words between friends?

Sometimes covering the Bears has its challenges. It’s a big, passionate fan base with a lot to say, win or lose. Windy City Gridiron and “Bears Twitter” can be valuable resources to share information, thoughts, and opinions with other passionate fans. However, when things go wrong, it can get nasty. For what it’s worth, Jeff has been called “the biggest homer,” a “bandwagon fan,” and a nerd (that last one is true) within the last few months. EJ has been called much worse. All in the name of trying to engage with fans about the team we love. That’s not cool.

Over time that sort of thing builds up to the point where we need to talk about it. Add in some liquid courage in the form of two excellent beers from two standout breweries and we’ve got a recipe for an airing of grievances. That goodness happens after the break in this episode of Bears over Beers. Surrounding that cathartic chat is a breakdown of what went right with the Bears in their 20-13 win over the Lions and what they need to do to keep it going against the Rams on Sunday Night Football.

So settle in and join us for another edition of Bears over Beers. If you’d like to take the conversation over to Twitter, find us @gridironborn and @thedraftsmanfb.