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In a clash of inept offenses, Bears manage to fall shorter than Rams in 7 to 17 loss Trubisky benched?

Another week, another uninspiring presentation by the Bears offense. But this one ends with a twist.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams
Our hero ended tonight’s game watching from the sideline...

Full disclosure, I watched the first quarter of this game with the sound off while I was on a phone call. I kind of wish that phone call had lasted three more quarters. I’m glad I turned the sound back on, though because probably the highlight of the game is when the sideline reporter referred to the Rams coach as Tom McVay. Hahaha. It was funny because that’s not his name.

Box Score

The Rams have made significant changes to their struggling run game

And it’s working for them a lot better than anything is working for the Bears. With the Bears, we see small changes that sometimes work before a return to the bread and butter of running Cohen up the middle for 1 yard. I guess when you have something that good, you shouldn’t stray too far from it.

That Cooper Kupp is a tricky one

Kupp clearly didn’t like the plan to run the ball on third and inches in the 2nd quarter, so he took a false start penalty, forcing the Rams back and leading Goff to throw a deep pass to Kupp. Obviously, the guy is playing himself in fantasy this week. If I were his commissioner, I wouldn’t allow it because of situations exactly like this.

For a couple weeks now, Trubisky is getting better at making the easy throws

Yes, an NFL quarterback should be good at making the easy throws to get in the door. But Biscuit has been painfully inaccurate on layups this season. He absolutely needed to get over that, and perhaps he has. It’s a small victory but I’ll take it.

According to PFF, the Bears defense is clearly greater than the sum of its parts

As the broadcast listed the Bears’ defense position rankings according to PFF, about half of the defense was ranked in the 80s or worse. There are only 32 two teams in the league. Apparently, the Bears are worse than a lot of second stringers.

Roquan Smith with a nice little game

He started off with and interception and proceeded to lead the team in tackles by quite a margin. It’s nice that he’s stepping up with Danny Trevathan out. I was hopefully he would make a significant step forward this season and that hope had been starting to fade.

Anthony Miller and Trubisky starting to get some chemistry

Cool cool.

That Tarik Cohen touchdown was a nice moment for a couple struggling Bears

I want to see Trubisky and Cohen do well. It’s hard to want that every week because it’s so unpleasant feeling let down. They gave those of us who still care a small reward with that nice little touchdown throw and great footwork on Cohen’s part to catch it and carry it in bounds into the end zone.

The penalties definitely went in the Bears favor today

Not that it matters. But the total penalties were heavily weighted toward the Rams and the Bears got big breaks in terms of drives saved and touchdowns called back. It’s good to remember these games for perspective when the games come where it goes the other way.

Hello, Chase Daniel

So that’s interesting. I can’t say the move lit a spark for the Bears offense.

This episode of Bears football ends on a cliffhanger...