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Fantasy Football Forum Week 12: The Stretch Run

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Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Were you bold enough to start Will Fuller last night?
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Lessons from Thursday Night Football

Kind of a fun game last night with a few tough start/sit decisions before the game. Did any of you take a chance on the young Jonathan Williams for the Colts, filling in for the injured Marlon Mack? How about the receivers returning from injury - TY Hilton and Will Fuller?

If you started Williams, take your victory lap because he performed admirably eclipsing 100 yards on the ground and a nice TD scamper. Take two victory laps for Will Fuller because he balled out with 140 yards on 7 catches. He’s still sitting in the injury slot on the Peanut Punchers in the WCG League of Champions.

As for TY Hilton... that’s why it’s not a great idea to fire up an injured player. Unfortunately, I did slide him into my team in the WCG Tourney. He just missed a couple longer passes that would have salvaged his night but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I broke my own rule of not trusting players coming off an injury until you see it. We’ll see if it costs me playoff position in that league.

League of Champions

I am pleased to share with the crowd that the Peanut Punchers in the League of Champions punched its ticket to the post season, earning the first official playoff berth of the league. The next goal, of course, is to earn the all-important bye week. Given my significant points lead over Whiskey Ranger, who sits in 3rd, all I need to do is split the final two games of the regular season and I’ll get it.

This is our first year of running a League of Champions and I have to say that it has been a competitive group. One of the big differences between the tourney and this league is the draft format. The League of Champions uses an auction draft, which allows you to build different types of teams or go after certain players.

I was able to build my team around Mike Evans, a disappointing OBJ (would love to have spent that money on Michael Thomas), and Travis Kelce. It’s tough to imagine a snake draft where I could’ve started with that team. I was big on Mark Ingram coming into the season and was able to pair him with a Melvin Gordon / Austin Ekeler combo. Now, all of those bets have paid off but that’s kind of the point - an auction draft allows you to go after players you really like. I’d encourage you to try one next year if you haven’t.

For what it’s worth, there is a seven-way tie for fifth place right now and the top six make the playoffs. I’ve never seen anything so crazy. It will likely come down to some points tie-breakers for playoff spots but at this point, we’ve truly only eliminated one team with only two games remaining. That person appropriately named their team The Losers so we’d all know what to expect out of them.

Daily League Update

We have a new king. Tyler has taken over BookShakUrlacher by a whole six points to take the lead. I’m happy to report that my solid showing in Week 11 has pushed me up to third place while Whiskey Ranger is within spitting distance in 5th. Lester is still hanging on inside the top 10.

Last week I invested a lot of my capital into Dak Prescott and he delivered a big game for me. My best longshot of the week was John Brown who had a monster game. I liked him coming into the year but have zero shares of him on my fantasy teams. It’s nice to get a chance to exploit his big play ability in this daily league.

For this week, I’m rolling with Tarik Cohen again, hoping that he can get something going against a bad Giants defense. I don’t necessarily believe in the Bears offense but I do believe we’re due one big Tarik game and this feels like the best chance to see it. Despite some tough sledding, he’s still the biggest playmaker on the Bears and at $14, he’s a bargain that allows me to invest in some bigger bets.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. May you win your games and make the playoffs!

Hit up the comments below for start/sit advice or take the conversation to Twitter. Jeff is found @gridironborn and the incomparable Whiskey Ranger is @whiskeyranger29.