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Ten Thoughts on the NFL and the Bears

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

1) Lamar Jackson is the most exciting player in the NFL, he’s a lock to win the MVP, and the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Super Bowl.

I wonder if the teams that all took first round quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft before the Ravens traded back into the first round (32nd overall) to get Jackson have any regrets. That year the Philadelphia Eagles traded their first and fourth rounders (32nd and 132nd) to the Ravens in exchange for Baltimore’s second and fourth rounders (52nd and 125th) and a second-round pick in the 2019 draft.

Good deal or nah?

The teams and QBs taken before Jackson were; the Cleveland Browns took Baker Mayfield 1st, the New York Jets got Sam Darnold at 3rd overall, Josh Allen went to the Buffalo Bills with the 7th pick, and the Arizona Cardinals tabbed Josh Rosen with the 10th pick.

2) In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers look like the team to beat after dismantling the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night. That defense is scary right now and the offense plays an efficient brand of football.

They sacked Aaron Rodgers 5 times and did this to him.

And the overall numbers aren’t all that good this year either.

I think the Minnesota Vikings are going to win the NFC North.

3) Ryan Tannehill, who was traded away by the Dolphins this offseason to back up Marcus Mariota, has found new life at 31-years old with the Tennessee Titans, and is set to cash in as a free agent. He went 14 of 18 for 259 yards with 2 TDs passing and he ran for 2 TDs in Tennessee’s 42 to 20 beat down of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

4) Speaking of veteran QBs looking for new life, the winless Cincinnati Bengals are turning back to 32-year old Andy Dalton now that they look to have the top draft pick all wrapped up. He’s signed through 2020, but the Bengals could cut him with no more guaranteed money left on his deal. The best case scenario for them is that he plays so well that they can flip him for a draft pick this offseason.

5) Lineman TDs are the best.

6) The Oakland Raiders were getting smoked by the New York Jets and it got so bad that Derek Carr was benched for Mike Glennon.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

7) Kyle Allen struggled with 4 interceptions two weeks ago against the Atlanta Falcons, but against the Saints on Sunday, he threw 3 TDs and nearly led the Carolina Panthers to the upset.

Has he shown enough to be the QB1 for them in 2020?

8) NFL referees have been trash all year.

9) So even though the Dallas Cowboys were hosed with the above call, there’s this nugget from their head coach, Jason Garrett.

How old school do you have to be to refuse to take advantage of any pertinent analytics that could give your team an advantage?

Unless the Cowboys make a deep playoff run I think he’s getting fired.

10) The BearsCordarrelle Patterson might make the Pro Bowl as a special teamer thanks to his kick return ability and his gunner ability. The guy he’s throwing the ball to in the stands might have ate too much glue in kindergarten.

11) Black Friday Shopping early!